My Most Excellent Year by Steve Kluger


My Most Excellent Year tells the story of three students- now seniors- most excellent year (their freshman year) and how their lives all changed for the better. First, there’s T.C.( Anthony), who’s obsessed with all things related to baseball, his best friend Augie, and Alejeandra, the girl he’s in love with, but who doesn’t return his feelings. Augie loves all things that have to do with Broadway and his best friend T.C. Also, everyone knows Augie‘s gay, but he just hasn‘t realized his true feelings yet. Lastly, there is Alejeandra. Alejeandra grew up in a very political and fundamental family. Her father is a rich diplomat. Though, Alejeandra is expected to grow up to be just like her parents and her brother her true love is dancing and singing which is unacceptable to her family. As, she pursues this passion in life she begins to become friends with Augie and T.C. and just may fall in love with the T.C.


My Most Excellent Year was a truly hysterical and cute read that had me turning the pages nonstop. Steve Kluger told this story in diary entrees, instant message conversations, and letters. I’ve read this type of writing before, but have never enjoyed it as much as in this novel. It let me get to know the characters, probably better than it being told in first or third person, and it kept the story interesting most of the time. At the beginning his writing could feel a bit so- so , but as the story continued, and as the characters began to get more developed, it picked up and started to get pretty funny. Especially during Augie’s parts. Also, I enjoyed seeing how each character began to grow in one way or another throughout the novel. At the end, I was sad to see it come to a close, but knew that it was just the right time to conclude it. Overall, this story was a cute coming of age novel that I recommend to all age groups. Be aware, though, that the beginning was a tad boring

Grade: A-

* Reviewed for Flamingnet


  1. Nice review! I've nominated you for the I HEART YOUR BLOG award-check out my page for more details!

  2. I haven't heard of this book before, but you've definitely gotten me interested! :)


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