A Great Opportunity and A Cool Link

Tanya Egan Gibson, author of the upcoming adult/teen book How To Buy a Love of Reading which will be released May 14 (check out the book trailer here), is offering readers the chance to share stories about how reading changed their lives on a new part of her site.

All submissions will be posted (subject to approval to weed out spam and profanity), and between now and the novel's release date on May 14th, three of them then will be chosen to be made into flash-animated "books" on the site's virtual bookshelf. Also, the three winners will win a signed copy of How To Buy a Love of Reading.

Basically it's a win win situation, that I will defintly be taking part in and I hope you do too. :)

Also, recently, author Brent Hartinger ( author of Project Sweet Life) sent me an email that linked to a Harry Potter vs. Twilight discussion where an hour-long debate occurred between a few teens. He ended up compiling all of the footage into an eight minute video, which he hopes you will check out here.

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