Plus by Veronica Chambers


“This is the unbelievable story of how I went to college, gained twenty-five pounds, got dumped by my boyfriend, failed physics and became a worldfamous supermodel.”

So begins the Cinderella story of Beatrice Wilson, whose life changes overnight when she’s discovered by a scout for the oldest, most prestigious modeling agency in America—for their plus-sized division.

Now she must find the confidence to vanquish skinny rivals, fend off sleazy photographers, and banish scheming frenemies in her rise to superstardom, all while trying to get her ex-boyfriend back. But Bea learns that to win prince charming, you first have to find a way to love yourself.


Plus is the perfect breezy read for a lazy day in summer. Since, it's a funny and well written novel, while still having a serious under tone.

Bee was a decent main character, though she had several faults that made her quite annoying at times. Her outlook on life and modeling was realistic, but I hated how at times she would dump her best friend, Chela, just to go hang out with her modeling friends. Also, don't even get me started on her whole relationship with Brian! He was a awful guy who got on my nerves constantly. I couldn't stand how even when he had hurt her with several words, she would go crawling right back to him. It was like, " Grow a back bone already!" Though, when Brian wasn't included in the scenes, Plus was quite the enjoyable of reads.

One of my favorite parts of Plus was the inside look to the modeling world. It was cool to see the different types of trips you would go on and the people you would meet if you were a model. Plus, Veronica Chambers writing added a bit to the plot- with the twists and turns to the story.

Overall, Plus was a okay book with a great message of " Be yourself no matter what people think" This definitely will be a must read on many girl's summer To Be Read Lists!

Grade: B-

Plus was suppused to be released on April 16th. Though, I have looked on Amazon.com where it's listed as to be released in 2025?!? Then, it's not even on Barnes and Noble's website. So, I don't know what's up with all of this.

* Much thanks to JL, once again, for sending me a great book! :)


  1. Just a B-? I loved this book. And the 2025 date is really freaky, eh?

  2. I hope they sort out that release date soon, because I really want to read this one. It sounds really good!!

  3. 2025? Yikes!!!!!!! This sounds good, I love how it's about a model who's different.

  4. I noticed a few months ago that Amazon listed Kristin Walker's A Match Made in Heaven as a 2025 release. It was originally a May 2009 release that was pushed to Feb 2010. Amazon finally corrected it and is now listed as a February 2010 release. I have a feeling Plus has had the same issue. It was definitely an April release, but maybe it has been pushed to 2010 and Amazon doesn't have a date yet. Laura


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