TMI by Sarah Quigley


Becca has always been know as the overshare queen of her high school. Since, when anything happens to her, no matter how gross, she always has to tell someone, pronto.

Though, when her oversharing habits go behind the limit, hurting someone she loves dearly, she knows she has to stop. So, instead of oversharing with her friends and classmates, she starts up a blog with an alter ego name Bella, telling all of the glory details of her life. Since, no one is going to read it, right?


I simply adored TMI. Though, why wouldn't I? Since, it did have a cute cover and an interesting premise.

Becca was the classic main character. She was funny, wise, and a bit awkward, making her someone any teenage girl can relate to. I loved how she had a problem with oversharing, since it made for several laugh out loud occasions and made me come to love her. Then, there was Katie, the typical shy but stunning best friend. She was another well developed character. Lastly, Jai, he was the flamboyant boy with a love of all things related to musicals at Becca's high school and one of my favorite characters. I did see the whole plot twist with him coming, though.

The plot was well thought out and original, making this a quick read. I liked how what happened in TMI- Becca telling too much about her relationship with her boyfriend hence loosing him- could happen in any school, which added a big reality to it. Also, other situations had the same kind of feeling. One of my favorite parts of the book was how it centred around Becca's schools reproduction of the musical Grease. Since, I'm a huge sucker for musicals.

Also, Sarah Quigly's writing was another main factor in my liking of this book. It was fast paced and hilarious, making if often seem similar to Meg Cabot's style.

My only problem with TMI was the times when Becca would write her alter ego blog entries. Before, starting this I thought I would love how one of the main focus would be Becca's blog, because of my blog. Though, as the story went on, I felt that the blog entries were lacking majorly. Since, most of the time they were not funny at all and always seemed a bit over dramatized. I did end up skipping a big portion of them, though I still enjoyed TMI just the same.

Overall, TMI is a darling book. I suggest this to teens looking for a light and funny read. I look forward to reading Sarah's next book.

Grade: B+

will be released April 16, 2009.

* Much thanks to the lovely people at Dutton for sending me this. :)


  1. This sounds really cute and fun to read. Nice review!

  2. After hearing a lot of good things about this book, I really want to read it!

  3. I didn't have the intention of read this one because it didn't attract me a lot, but then I find a good review like that and all I can say is "That could be a nice read!"

  4. I always laugh when I read the summary for this book!

    Thanks for the great review.

  5. Ooh, I would totally have to disagree. I loved the blog entries... it was really fun to see how dramatic and overblown Becca's wildest imagination got.

    Check out my Sarah Quigley interview on How to Write Humor. Congrats, Sarah to a lovely book.


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