The Good, The Fab, and The Ugly by Rachel Maude


After a fun but disastrous kick off of their first fashion show, Petra, Janie, Charlotte, and Melissa are dealing with what happened. For Melissa that means doing everything earthly possible to find the person who trashed their label naming contest. While Charlotte is going through the aftermath of a break up with a guy she truly loved and Janie is dealing with the lack of the fabulous life she has while having a major crush on Charlotte's surfer cute brother. And Petra you may ask? Well, she's trying to figure out what to do with an earth shattering secret that could break up her parents marriage for good this time. Though, no matter what this girls will go through The Good, The Fab, and The Ugly with each other to achieve what they want most and to get through Winston Prep's annual Halloween bash.


While I liked Poseur, the prequel to The Good, The Fab, and The Ugly, I wasn't sure if I could live through another predictable and shallow book that I was sure to find in this. Surprisingly, after the first 100 and so pages it got interesting and the characters become a bit more real, leaving me to finish the book in a day. I enjoyed reading about the different situations the girls dealt with and the arguments they would get in with each other about their fashion label. Sadly, the writing wasn't that great and the plot could be described in one word: predictable. Overall, The Good, The Fab, and The Ugly by Rachel Maude is a quick read for girls looking for a book focused on fashion and some low key drama.

Grade: D

* Reviewed for Book Divas

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