The Uninvited by Tim Wynne- Jones

Mimi Shapiro is running. Running away from a disturbing first year at NYU to a small and creepy town in Nowhere, Canada. She hopes that while there for the summer, she can get her first screen play written, while coming to turns with what happened to her in the previous year.

Though nothing can stay perfect for long. When arriving at her father’s deserted old summer house she finds that someone else is living there too. Her long lost half brother, a half brother that has been having his own problems, as of lately. Problems that involve a mysterious stalker who has been leaving him “presents” of dead birds and snake skin.

Can the two of them make it through the summer? Will they get to know each other the way only siblings can? Will they catch the stalker before their lives come to a crashing halt? Well, I guess you’ll have to find out for yourself, in The Uninvited by Tim Wayne- Jones.

Only one adjective comes to mind after reading this page turning thriller: Wow! The Uninvited is a book that mixes mystery and getting to know long lost siblings in a fresh and fantastic new way. I was constantly trying to figure out how everything tied together. The characters were my favorite part of this story. They were well developed, likable, and funny. Plus, Tim Wynne-Jones’ writing was pretty darn good. I loved how he slowly told the past of the characters and the stalker by reveling their secrets one at a time. Overall, The Uninvited is a definite must read for all teens and adults.

Grade: A+

* Reviewed For Flamingnet


  1. I love the cover, and it sounds even better :D Must add this one to the wish list. lol

  2. And my reaction would have to be: Wow! I haven't read many reviews for this book but it sounds like something I'd really enjoy so I bought it anyway. I look forward to when I can read it!

  3. That book sounds really good! Great review :)


  4. I've read in other reviews that this is an excellent book. Thanks for the review!

  5. I've been wanting to read this. It looks like something I'd really enjoy!

  6. This sounds really good. And the cover is just so eye-catching


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