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Megan Crewe is hosting very awesome contest on her blog where a person will win a ARC copy of Give Up The Ghost which is a fantastic book along with some other ARCs! Here's the details:

What it’s all about

In GIVE UP THE GHOST, Cass is on a mission to expose her fellow students’ bad behavior. With the help of her ghostly friends, she catches kids lying, cheating, spreading rumors, vandalizing, stealing, and bullying both in school and online. And Cass herself has been the victim of rumors and bullying.

Those sorts of cruelties and crimes happen in the real world all the time. Did you ever do something you probably shouldn’t have, or find yourself a victim? Are you willing to expose those wrong-doings?

How to enter

Send your stories about junior high or high school misbehavior to secrets at megancrewe dot com by August 24th. It could be something not-so-nice you did, something not-so-nice someone did to you, or something you saw happen to someone else (a friend, classmate, teacher, etc.). For examples, check out the stories already posted!

Don’t worry–unlike Cass, I won’t reveal your secrets. All stories will be posted without name or contact information. I’ll separate your e-mail address from your story as soon as I get it and delete the messages, and even *I* won’t know which stories belong to the winners.

Make sure each story includes your age or grade at the time of the story (should take place during junior high or high school). Other than that, be as creative as you like! All the current examples are written stories, but there are lots of other options (just send me the file):

-create an image around your secret (a la PostSecret)
-draw a picture of what happened
-record an audio file of you telling your story
-make a video (without showing your face–cover it, do a slideshow with voice-over or text, it’s up to you!)

You can submit as many stories as you like–each story counts as one entry in the draw.

If you would like to see what the prizes are or want more details head on over to Megan's blog.

Also, here's the trailer for Give Up The Ghost:

Next, I was recently sent an email with a couple links to new videos.

Here's one of them which is a trailer for After by Amy Efaw.

And a video where Amy is talking about After, the inspiration behind it and the research she did.


  1. Give Up the Ghost is a great book and the trailer is a job well done. I haven't had the pleasure of reading After yet, though.

  2. Looking foward to Give Up the Ghost. Megan Crewe contest sounds really fun. I am reading After right now and so far it's really good.


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