The ABC's Of Me!

Since, I've been seeing this everywhere, I've decided to do it too. So, here it goes:


Available or single? Single, sadly enough, but in all truth don’t those words kind of mean the same thing?

Best Friend? Hmm, I don’t really do the whole “best friend” thing anymore, though I do have a lot of really great friends that I can always count on. Oh, and most of their names began to start with “A” which I always think is kind of strange.

Cake or Pie? Cake because most pies really gross me out, expect for pumpkin which I love.

Drink of choice? Water

Essential item for every day use? My computer and cell phone probably tie for most essential item for every day. Oh, and the basics to like a hairbrush, tooth brush, ex.

Favorite color? blue

Google? Of course!

Hometown? Somewhere in the mountains of Pennsylvania and I’m still there.

Indulgences? Books, clothes, and ice cream.

January or February? January, I guess.

Kids and their names? Nada, none, thank god! I’m only a high school student, so it would be scary if I did.

Life is incomplete without…? Hmm, love, happiness, and friends and family you can always trust.

Marriage date? Oh, good god, hopefully in the very very far future. Thinking of marriage always gives me the feeling of hives. Lol.

Number of siblings? In my opinion I’m an only child. Though, I do have 2 half siblings under the age of two, a step sister whose a few of years older then me and one of my best friends, and a step brother whose in his twenties.

Oranges or apples? Apples because they remind me of fall and I like fall.

Phobias and fears? I have fears about dying, falling of a very high object, and of snakes/ bats.

Quote for the day? " You go on and I'll be happier" It's one of the lyrics to a song I'm listing to as I fill this in. lol

Reason to smile? I’m off from school ‘till Tuesday!! :)

Season? Fall, definitely, since I love that while it’s not too cold it’s not too warm.

Unknown fact about me? Well, here’s some you may not know:

~ I play the flute.
~ I used to play field hockey, but didn’t do varsity. Though, I still love it and some of best memories of my seventh and eighth grade years come from that.
~ I really do love running since it relaxes me, though I don’t do it nearly enough.

Vegetable you hate? CORN! I really loathe corn.

Worst habit? I have a tendency to over obsessive about everything school related and be very OCD about all my papers, notes, ex. for school, too.

X-rays you’ve had? For my teeth are the only ones, I think.

Your fave food? Pizza. I mean seriously who doesn’t love pizza?

Zodiac sign? Leo!!!!!


Feel free to do the "The ABC's of Me", too. Oh, and don't forget to enter my contest here.


  1. I agree with Nina, it was very fun to read. And I'm obsessive about everything school related as well. I make the hugest to-do lists it's insane.


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