Waiting On Wednesday: Week 48

My pick this week is:

Every Little Thing in the World  by Nina de Gramont ( On Sale March 2010!)

When sixteen-year-old Sydney Biggs’s pregnancy test shows the telltale plus sign, she confides in only her best friend Natalia, and Natalia promptly “borrows” her mother’s car so Sydney can confront the baby’s father. But after the car is reported stolen and police bring the girls home, their parents send them away to wilderness camp as punishment. With six weeks to spend in the wilds of Canada, time is ticking for Sydney, who isn’t sure what she wants to do about the pregnancy. As she befriends her fellow adventuremates and contends with Natalia’s adamant opinions on the choices available, Sydney realizes that making the right choice can mean very different things.


It was as if this trip, being with all of us, had made Mick a better and nicer person. But then we would get these glimpses of the person he had once been, and would always become again. Two Micks, and I pictured the good one floating and falling over the waterfall, disappearing forever like I had almost done. So sad. But maybe saving my life would be a moment he could actually carry away with him. Maybe it could almost be redemption for what he had done, really through no fault of his own, last summer. And it struck me, that almost dying was the closest thing to altruistic that I’d ever done. Unless, of course, I decided to have the baby. (from Simon and Schuster Catalog for 2010)

My Thoughts:

This look so so so good! I truly can't wait to read it. Oh, and I've seen the cover too ( which is not final yet) and while I don't love it, I do like it a lot. The cover is now featured above.


  1. wow! Sounds interesting. I'm so intrigued by that little snippet...

  2. This book very interesting! Thanks for sharing the find, Lauren! I almost ad a new book to my wishlist each time I visit your blog :)

  3. Great one! Maybe it's because the writer has the same name as me: nina. :)

    Here's mine:

  4. Wow, pretty interesting. I wonder when we can have a peek of the cover. The synopsis gave away a lot by the way :(

  5. Thanks for sharing this. It looks like it'll be a superb book!


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