Round Up on Challenges I Did in '09

Last year I particapted in several differnt challenges. Those challenges included 100+ Reading Challange, A-Z Challange, 2009 ARC Challange, 2009 Debutante Challange.

The Ones I finished:

100+ Reading Challange:
  • I read 127 books this year. Though, I think a few are missing because I didn't keep the.... best track of what I read, but that's a totally different story.
  • The 100th book I read was Deadly Little Lies by Laurie Stolarz which was a fab book!
  • You can check out the full list here.
2009 Debutante Challange:
  • I read the 25 books needed to complete it.
  • The one that completed it was Fairy Tale by Cyn Balog which is another book I LOVED.
  • I actually loved almost all of the book listed, though when it comes to books I'm easy to please. If you haven't noticed from all the As and Bs I give out.
  • You check out the full list here, once again!

Ones I didn't complete:

A-Z Reading Challenge:
  • Who knew this would be so hard! Seriously, I read a lot and I don't think I ever came across a book that's titled started with a V, X, Z. Though, knowing me, I was probably the only one that had a problem with this. lol.
  • Oh, and if you like to see my fail, go check out my (uncomplete) list here.
2009 ARC Reading Challagne:
  • Is it bad that I don't even remember what this one was about? *looks down in shame* I think it was about listing all the ARC I had and linking to my reviews to them, but I kind of stopped doing that after the post posted. *looks down in shame again*. So, yeah, moving on!

I finished 2 out of my 4 challanges which is good, I guess. Though, hopefully, I'll finish all of the Challenges I choose to do in '10 (post coming soon listing them all!) ............. and remember what their about.


  1. I'd say 2 out of 4 challenges is pretty good--but then I have yet to complete ONE challenge I've signed up for :) Happy New Year!

  2. You finished the 100+... just say you finished the others too because you did that one haha

  3. 127 Books! You are a reading maniac. And I am so glad you liked Fairy Tale!


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