Purge by Sarah Darer Littman


Janie Ryman hates throwing up. So why does she binge eat and then stick her fingers down her throat several times a day? That's what the doctors and psychiatrists at Golden Slopes hope to help her discover. But first Janie must survive everyday conflicts between the Barfers and the Starvers, attempts by the head psychiatrist to fish painful memories out of her emotional waters, and shifting friendships and alliances among the kids in the ward.


Purge is a well written book that grabs you from the first page and dosen't let you go till the very last word.

For some reason, I had been putting off reading this for a while now. I'm not sure why, but it probably it has something to do with Wintergirls. Since, while I loved that book with all my heart because of it's rawness and reality, it was all  the fiction I could take for a while dealing with eating disorders. Surprisingly, Purge tended to show a lighter tone to eating disorders. Though, with saying that, I'm not saying it wasn't serious, too, because it certainly was.

Moving on, it was interesting to see the different type of people contained in the psychotropic hospital where Janie was staying because they varied from being teen boys which you almost never see in these types of books to older women who for some reason I would never think go to these type of places to plain old teen girls. So, even though the story of a girl with an eating disorder is kind of unoriginal these days, Sarah exceeded to make it original by adding great characters to the mix. My favorite would probably be Janie because she was just a likable character who I felt was impossible not to root for. Also, I loved how we got to see her diary along with a regular narration because I felt that it showed two sides- her the vulnerable and messed up to the one that seems perfectly normal on the surface but truly isn't.

Also, Sarah's writing was well done, as mentioned above, and was easy to get caught up in. I'm looking forward to reading more by her!

In all, Purge is a read that I enjoyed and suggest to all who would like a look into the tragic world of eating disorders, while not going too in depth to the truly terrible side of it.
Grade: B+

Purge is now out!

Source: Publisher/ Author for review. Thanks Scholastic/ Sarah!


  1. I loved Wintergirls too, so if you say this one will appeal to fans of that, I'll take your word for it and add it to my wishlist. Thanks!

  2. I only read one book about eating disorders and it was very interesting to read. Espessically because you read about all the trics etc. This book sounds very interesting too and sad.

    Great review.

  3. Oh, I loved Wintergirls too! For some strange reason I just seem to be fascinated with eating disorders and books about them so I'll be adding this to my TBR list. Thanks for the review!

  4. Hm...similar to Wintergirls but with a lighter tone? I'll be sure to check this out.

  5. I've been wanting to read this one!
    Great review!

  6. Being someone who doesn't really read realism, I have never read a book about eating disorders. I'm thinking it would be quite an educational and mind-opening experience so I might consider this book in the future.

  7. I recently won myself a copy of this book and will be sure to read it soon. Thanks for the review. :D


  8. I have a hard time reading books about Hold Still, eating disorders and stuff because at times it makes me open to some realistic truths. But when I do read them I feel glad because it lets me enter another side of reading that I don't normally do.

  9. I'd love to read this and Wintergirls. I find books on eating disorders interesting, but paintful. The last YA book on eating disorders that I read was Skinny by Ibi Kaslik.

  10. Great review :)

    You got an award at my blog ~

  11. I think I want to give this book a try. Thanks for putting a post about it. Great review!

  12. Yes, LOVED Wintergirls, though I agree that there's only so much raw reading you can take. Purge still sounds awesome too, light but unique, and I might have to check it out sometime. Thanks and great review! :D

  13. Sounds like a happy medium - dark and heavy subject with a little humor blended in. Great review! :)

  14. This is the first time I hear of this book and it sounds like a good book. Great review :)

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