Winners of The Dark Divine Nail Polish Giveaway!

Hi everyone! I just picked the winners of The Dark Divine Nail Polish Giveaway, so here they are.

For best entry (Let me tell you, it was so hard to pick a winner for this part! There were so many fantastic answers to my question. If I could I would send you all some Dark Divine Nail Polish):

Julie D

Here's her entry:

Without forgiveness, where would we be? People have the power to destroy the entire world with a press of the button. People can cut off others from something they need entirely. Many countries would be at war, we wouldn't be able to have half the things we have today, whole religions wouldn't exist, and friendships would end before they truly begin
Without forgiveness, are we really people?
For being the first to enter:
For being lucky enough to be picked by the random number generator:

Congrats! I just sent you all emails, so be sure to reply in the next 72 hours or I'll have to pick new ones. Also, much thanks goes to everyone else who entered. Hopefully, you'll be up there next time as a winner! :)


  1. Congratulations to the lucky winners! =D

  2. I fell in love with this book. I hope the winners do to. Congratulations!

  3. British racing green is one of my favorite FAVORITE colors!


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