Things I know about Love by Kate le Vann

Summary from Amazon:

Things I know about love.

1. People don't always tell you the truth about how they feel.
2. Nothing that happens between two people is guaranteed to be private.
3. I don't know if you ever get over having your heart broken.

Livia Stowe's past experiences with love have been nothing but disappointing, but all that is about to change. After years of illness, she's boarding a plane for the first time to spend the summer in Princeton, New Jersey, with her brother who's studying abroad. This Brit is determined to make the most of her American summer and to record every moment of it in her private blog.

America is everything that Livia's ever dreamed of. And then she meets Adam.

Swept up in the promise of romance and the magical New York City that Adam shows her, Livia is smitten, but with all she knows about love, is Livia really ready to risk her heart again?
At first look, Things I know about Love seemed like it was going to be a sweet and short romance that would leave me with a smile on my face by the end, and while it was some of those things, it was also something I wasn't expecting... incredibly heartbreaking. So sad, in fact, that even though it's been a day since I've finished this, whenever I think about it I start to tear up.

Livia and Adam were a very cute couple, and I liked how you could just tell how much they meant to each other from the very first time they met. In addition, I felt both were likable and for the most part well developed given how short this novel was.

Things I know about Love is told from blog entries coming from not only Livia but Adam also, leaving for you to see both sides of the relationship, which I liked. Also, I felt that from this, it allowed you to really get a gist of were Livia was coming from, something that you probably wouldn't have gotten if this was told in regular first or third person narration. Though, this did have some negative points such as you only saw glimpses of what happened between the different characters and lack of character development for other characters besides Adam and Livia. Another downfall of this novel was how short it was (barley 160 pages) because I would have loved to seen more development and such.

The one major  thing that brought this down to a C grade though is the fact that I've seen this done before and better, so that's why I'm not exactly going to go about highly recommending it it. Since for me if I'm going to read a sad book and let it mess with my emotions, I want it done breath-taking-ly well, and this wasn't even close to be being that way.

But Things I know about Love is still an okay novel, and one I do suggest you possibly pick up at the library once it's released if you're about trying it, but I defiantly don't suggest paying the full hardcover price tag for this one because quite bluntly it's not worth it, especially if you're not a big fan of sad novels.

Though as always this is my personal view. You could end up loving it like other reviewers had, but sadly this wasn't at all times the book for me.

Grade: C

Things I know about Love will be released June 22, 2010.
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  1. Looks pretty good, the hardback new cover edition looks better than the paperback one. Nice Review ;)

  2. Wow. It looks like it has stuck with you though. I'm interested about what other books you've seen in this style? I'm just curious. I've seen one-sided sort of entries, but not necessarily both, so I'd love to hear more about others you've read? Thanks for this review though. The fact that it has stood out to you so much has me intrigued!

  3. Oooh a book you've seen better done. That doesn't sound good. Thanks for the honest review :)

  4. I agree. 160 pages seems a little too short. It's more like a novella than anything else.

  5. Great review! I hope to read this soon!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.


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