Summer in Paris by Michele Ashman Bell

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Kenzie Williams feels like she has it all; wealth, friends, popularity and talent. But when her father tells her that he has declared bankruptcy, her whole world in New York City turns upside down. Her parents' solution while they sort through their financial and marital problems is to send Kenzie to live with her relatives in Paris . . . Idaho!

Feeling like she's been sentenced to three months in Hickville Prison, Kenzie arrives in Idaho feeling like a square peg, with name brand clothes, in a round, horribly podunk, hole.

Leaving everything she loves behind, Kenzie is forced to get up at the crack of dawn, do chores, and hang out with her cousin's loser friends. She feels like she's about to die until she meets Adam White, the town outcast, whose been accused of killing his best friend and is being blamed for some trouble that's been happening around town.

Not only is Adam the best-looking guy she's ever seen, but he's also the most fascinating guy she's ever met and Kenzie is determined to get to know him and find out his secret. But, the longer she stays in Paris, the more she realizes, Adam isn't the only one keeping secrets


Summer in Paris is your typical coming-of-age tale. It involves a romance, realization that everything may not be as bad as it seems, and growth of character. Sadly enough, while I normally love a nicely told coming-of-age tale, this one just didn't quite hit the spot for me because it lacked a certain spark that is necessary in these type of books. Though don't get me wrong, I enjoyed some parts of this just not all.

When affluent Kenzie learns her father has lost nearly everything she is devastated, because not only does she have to no money or house to speak of now, she's being shipped of to Paris, Idaho, land of mountains, cornfields, and farm chores. A mix no one in their right would want for themselves, or so she thinks. Though, soon enough she meets the charming, mysterious Adam, a guy with a heart of gold who's supposedly behind a sting of fires, someone who might be able shake up Kenzie's new world in a positive way if given the chance.

I found Kenzie to be a likable character because she was funny and nicer than you would think at first look. I liked how she gave Adam a chance when no one else would because it was the first step at shedding her rich girl attitude. Also, I enjoyed reading about the friendships she developed with Simon, her cute little cousin, Allison and Hover. Though, I have to say Adam was my favorite character out of the mix. He was alluring, cute, and had an intriguing background.

The plot of this moved in a typical fashion, but I have to say the whole resolution to the mysterious fires was something I wasn't expecting. So, I'll give Michele props for that.

Michele Ashman Bell's writing and world building was the part of Summer in Paris that failed the most in my eyes, because while I think she did a good enough job establishing the characters and the plot, she failed to dig deep and bring it fully to life.

In all, Summer in Paris is a good enough book, but I have to say I've read better books with the same topic, so my advice? Get it from the library or skip it all together. Though, who knows maybe you'll see something in it I didn't.

Grade: C

Summer in Paris is now out!

Source: author. Thanks, Michele!

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  1. I love the honesty! Sounds like a cute one. Even though it has its flaws, I'm sure it would make a nice, light read. Lovely review, also!


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