GoldenGirl by Micol Ostow

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Paige, Spencer, and Madison have it all: the looks, the connections, the money, the boys. As the daughters of three of the most prestigious families on Philadelphia's Main Line (read: old money, and lots of it) and the ruling juniors at Bradford Prep, nothing can stand in their way....except, perhaps, their own dark secrets. When an old frenemy from Paige's hidden past shows up at Bradford and plays nice--too nice--Paige is desperate to smother the threat. How far will she go to silence the truth?

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GoldenGirl was my first read my Micol Ostow and it definitely won't be my last, because not only is GoldenGirl fabulously fun read, it establishes a new series that will definitely be high on my TBR list in the months to come.

Golden Girl tells the tale of Bradford preps it-girls- Paige, Spencer, and Madison, three girls that seem to have it all: the money, the beauty, the gold-ness, the popularity. Though, these three are also hiding quite a bit of info in their designer filled closets... secrets that might even kill their friendship for good if they come out, and with the arrival of a new girl from Paige's past, it seems like these secrets may be coming out sooner than later. So, what are three golden and perfect girls supposed to do when someone they hate comes out from the wood-work? Will they ruin her? Or will Paige's friends turn on her and love the new girl? Only time and more pages will tell in this quick read told in blog entries, e-mails, and IM conversations.

While I did enjoy reading about the characters and their scandalous' lives in this book, character development, as well as back story, lacked big time, which bothered me. Though, I have to say, it's easy to tell this isn't supposed to be the most richly formed book out there, and that's fine with me. Out of the three girls, I think I liked Spencer the best, because I felt she was the most real and vulnerable out of the bunch, making her one I rooted for throughout the whole book unlike some of the other characters.
The aspect I found most rewarding about this book was the way it was told, because it's not everyday you see a book told entirely in blog entries, IMs, and e-mails. I love this format for many reasons. One is the fact that it made GoldenGirl be an extremely fast-paced and addicting read, and a second being the fact that it showed you different sides to each character, letting everyone get a "word" in edge wise. Though, as with any novel that has this kind of format, there are downfalls such as lack of development, as motioned before.

The plot of this was just like the rest of the book- fun and scandalous, though lacking development. Micol's writing was also decent, though far from prefect.

In all, if you would like a Gossip Girl type read GoldenGirl is the read for you, because it's just as scandalous and fun as Gossip Girl, if not more.

Grade: C+

GoldenGirl is now out!

Source: Author/Publisher. Thanks Micol/ Simon and Schuster!

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  1. I love this book and its sequel, but I don't think the rest of the series was published. :( If they were, I could never find them at least, which is a bummer because it was such a great, fun series.


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