Boyology: A Teen Girl's Crash Course in All Things Boy by Sarah O'Leary Burningham

Summary/Cover Image from Publisher's Website:

A crash course in understanding boys, Boyology delves into the many mysteries of teen guys, dissecting flirting tactics, offering dating suggestions, and providing tips on forming solid friendships. It's an up-close-and-personal look at boys in their natural habitats, with analyses by teen girls—and insight from the boys.

As you can probably tell by the cover, title and summary, Boyology is a go-to manual for all things boy related. Since from flirting techniques to breaking up to first dates, Boyology covers just about all of it for girls out there dying to know just a little bit more about boys, those unusual but beautiful and addicting creatures out there.

Boyology is told in a very fun way because not only does it include chapters about different things guy related by Sarah but pictures, Celeb Shout-Out/Guys Tell It Like It Is/Grant On... sections, quizzes, and song play lists, leaving it to be a great guide for all teen/ tween girls out there. I also liked the fact that it talked about boundaries and how to say no in an effective way.
While I do feel a bit more could have been talked about in Boyology, it still was a decent, fun, and quick read for girls out there looking to find out the difference between 'boy friend' and 'boyfriend and to hook your own hottie.

Grade: C+

Source: Author/Publisher. Thanks, Sarah/Chronicle books!

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  1. I would have liked a Boyology book written by a boy - you know to give me some inside information. This seems cute though, something my tween would like.


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