The Secret Society of the Pink Crystal Ball by Risa Green

Summary/Cover Image from the Publisher's Website:

In a world where nothing is certain, a little magic couldn’t hurt…right?

When Erin Channing’s favorite aunt dies, Erin is bequeathed a pink crystal ball and a set of weird instructions. Granted, Aunt Kiki (aka Aunt Kooky) always lived “outside the box.” But now Erin and her two best friends are convinced that the pink crystal ball holds the key to their future—or at least the key to getting dates…

Consider Your Fate to Be Sealed . . .

• Absolute knowledge is not unlimited; let the planets be your guide to the number.
• There are sixteen ways to die, but four of them you will never see.
• The future belongs to you alone. Other voices will be disappointed.
• One rotation is as far as you can see. Only uncertainty lies beyond.


Ever since I first heard about this book, I've been dying to read it because I love any book that involves a crystal ball, epically when it's pink. Luckily enough, The Secret Society of the Pink Crystal Ball is one of the sweetest and most entertaining books I've read this year!

Erin Channing’s life has always been boring and normal, which is making it that much harder to write an easy for why she should be picked out everyone to go on her school's AP Art History Trip to Italy. Though, everything changes when her favorite aunt dies living her a pink crystal ball with a cryptic set of directions left for Erin to decipher for herself. At first Erin doesn't think anything of the pink crystal ball since her aunt has always been a bit eccentric to say the least, but when her friends urge her to use it, she does and surprisingly enough, it works! So what is one girl to do when she suddenly has the ability to ask for anything? Will it help her or screw everything up? And what about her old friend Jesse- is there more to him then meets the eye? Well, it seems like Erin is soon to find out!

Erin is a girl much like most teen girls today. She makes mistakes but learns from them. She's a great friend and will be there in an instant if needed. She's funny, sweet, and honest. And as I'm sure you can image, I loved reading about her. Especially when the scenes also included her funny friends Lindsay and Samantha or the swoon-worthy Jesse, who while always seemed like to be a bit stereotypical, still managed to grab my heart by the end.

The plot of this was sweet and fast-paced, and while it never went really deep, it made for a great weekend read, because of it's enchanting plot lines dealing with the pink crystal ball to the mystery around Erin's aunt's death to Erin and Jesse's romance. Besides the fact that this book could be a pit predictable at times, I truly didn't dislike anything about it.
Risa's writing was also decent, and she never failed to make herself sound like a true teen through Erin's voice. It's a given to say, in my opinion, that she'll definitely be given a warm welcome into romance-y/fun teen-lit crowd.

In all, The Secret Society of the Pink Crystal Ball is a sparkly and fun read about the mysteries and surprises that come with a pink crystal ball.

Grade: B+

The Secret Society of the Pink Crystal Ball is now out!

Source: Publicist at Sourcebooks. Thanks, Paul!


  1. This sounds like a sweet book. It sounds more like realistic fiction, even though it's obviously not. It's nice to have a book about normal life with just a hint of the fantastical.

  2. This definitely sounds like a cute and quick read. I'll be picking it up soon to check out :) Thanks for the great review!


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