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The Implosion of Aggie Winchester by Lara Zielin
(August 4, 2011!)

Is Aggie’s high school ready for a pregnant Goth Prom Queen?

Sixteen year-old Aggie Winchester couldn’t care less about who’s elected prom queen—even if it’s her pregnant Goth-girl best friend, Sylvia Ness. Aggie’s got bigger things to worry about, like whether or not her ex-boyfriend wants to get back together and whether her mom will survive cancer.

But like it or not, Aggie, soon finds herself in the middle of an unfolding prom scandal, largely because her mom, who is the school’s principal, is rumored to have burned prom ballots so Sylvia won’t be elected queen. Compelled to investigate, Aggie finds out more than she bargained for and wonders if the election could be dirty on both sides.
I absolutely loved Lara Zielin's debut novel Donut Days becasue it was the perfect mix of light and serious topics. So, ever since I first heard about this one, I've been dying to read it! It sounds like it's going to be amazing and touching! Plus, I love the cover.


  1. This sounds interesting and a bit weird.. :) Great pick.

  2. This does sound interesting!! Great pick!

  3. You always pick books I haven't heard of yet which is awesome. This one sounds great!

  4. This sounds awesome. Great pick as always Lauren!


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