Cover Reveal for Colebrook Confessions (Books 1-3!)

Twist Literary introduced their first YA eBook series this past spring with Alibi, and now they're back with the Colebrook Confessions, their second YA series which will be debuting this fall.

The first three books release as follows:

Book 1 (The Dirty Secrets of Markham Savoy)- October 2012

Book 2 (Dane's Addiction)- November

Book 3 (Vivianne and the Quixotic Kiss)- December. 

More volumes to follow in 2013!

Here's the series summary:
Markham Savoy is Colebrook Academy's most infamous student. He's also the most attractive, most deviant, and most charming, but who's counting? Every Colebrook matriculant knows that Markham is in the business of making problems disappear. And Colebrook students have no shortage of problems. But his aid comes at a price—an obligation to one day repay the favor. Given the number of kids who get in trouble at Colebrook, Markham has a veritable army of willing minions to do his bidding. So the question is, after years of collecting and collating the secrets of his peers, what exactly does Markham have in mind?

Each installment of Colebook Academy is told from the point of view of a different student. As these characters' lives intertwine, each reveals one of the shocking, interlocking secrets that will help Markham leave behind a legacy. A final coup de grâce that the halls of Colebrook Academy will never forget.
Interested in learning more? Head on over to http://www.twistliterary.com to stay up to date on the latest developments such as summarys and buy links! :) And be sure to let Twist Literary and me know what you think below of the covers/premise! We can't wait to hear your thoughts!

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