Review: While It Lasts (Sea Breeze #3) by Abbi Glines

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Cage brings his playboy prowess to the countryside as the Sea Breeze hookups continue, from self-published phenomenon Abbi Glines.

Low broke Cage’s heart by getting with Marcus in Because of Low. Cage went into a tailspin that ended in a DUI. In order to salvage his baseball scholarship—the one thing he truly valued besides Low—Cage must take a summer job. At a farm. Away from Sea Breeze. With lots of cows, but no hot girls. Maybe that’s what Cage needs to get back on track.

But wait—there’s that hostile daughter of the farm boss. She’s pretty and occasionally sweet, and there seems to be a lot of sadness and mystery behind her anger. Cage is dying to strip her down—physically and mentally—in the back of the barn. But is he prepared for what will happen afterward?


After racing through the first two books in the Sea Breeze series (Breathe and Because of Low), I went right ahead and bought While It Lasts, the third book in the series. I couldn't wait to read it, because not only is Abbi Glines quickly becoming one of my favorite YA/New Adult romance authors, but I was particularly excited to find out that this was Cage's story. Unfortunately, while I did enjoy reading While It Lasts, it wasn't my favorite in the series by a long shot for a few reasons.

While It Lasts picks up a while after where Because of Low ended. Cage, Low's best friend, is still trying to adjust to the fact that his best friend, the one he always claimed he would marry, is engaged to Marcus. His way of dealing? Partying and becoming even more of player than he already is. However, everything falls apart one night when he gets pulled off for a DUI. Left with two choices, to get kicked off his baseball team or go help at his coach's brother's farm, Cage picks the second one reluctantly. He's not expecting much until he meets Eva, the farmer's daughter. She's feisty and witty, and he can't help but feel a pull to her. The only problem? She's not interested. Cage decides he's up for the challenge, but will he get more than he bargained for?

As mentioned before, Cage was one of my FAVORITE characters from Because of Low. He was hilarious and cocky and just a wee bit full of himself. However, it was always easy to see how much he cared for the ones he loved. In this one, these traits were shown a full force even with his slight set backs. I really enjoyed seeing everything from Cage's POV (even if he did throw around more curse words than I liked), because as it turns out, there were a lot more to him than met the eye in the first one. Eva, the girl main character, was someone who I had a hard time liking, though, and that's what brought this one down a few notches in my eyes. Don't get me wrong,  I felt bad for her loosing someone she cared deeply about. Plus I loved how, like Low, she didn't take Cage's crap. However, at the same time, I just had a hard time relating to her, and there was always something I just didn't like about her....but I can't seem to put my finger on what exactly that was.

Moving on, I did enjoy the plot in this! It was the typical Abbi Glines "boy meets girl" story, and as with the past ones, I really enjoyed seeing how everything played out, even though I knew how some things were going to end. What I really liked about this one, though, was the setting. It took place on farm outside of Sea Breeze so it was interesting to see a new group of people introduced as well as to see how Cage dealt with this new scenery and the responsibilities that came with it. Lastly, just like in the Abbi's other books, the romance in this one one is steamy and fun and dramatic, and it managed to really keep the book moving as the character's headed toward their happily-ever-after.

In all, while While It Lasts wasn't my favorite of the series mainly due to Eva, I do admit it to other fans of the series as well as people who enjoy contemp reads. The weird thing, though, is this actually a lot of people's favorite of the series, so I feel that it's weird I didn't enjoy it more....

Grade: B-

While It Lasts (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads) is now out!

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