Review: Weave a Murderous Web by Anne Rothman-Hicks & Ken Hicks

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No good deed goes unpunished. When Jane Larson—a hot-shot litigator for a large firm in New York City—helps out a friend, she is sucked into the unfamiliar world of divorce and child support.

Jane's discovery of the deadbeat dad’s hidden assets soon unravels a web of lies, drugs, and murder that keeps getting more dangerous.

Soon, Jane is involved in a high stakes race to recover a missing suitcase of cash and catch the murderer before she becomes the next victim.

I've been on the quest for a new mystery series, so when Anne Rothman-Hicks & Ken Hick's Weave a Murderous Web landed on my radar I immediately added it to my TBR list. As it turns out, Weave a Murderous Web was a relatively enjoyable read. 

Weave a Murderous Web begins the story of Jane Larson, a well respected litigator well on her way to making partner at her large New York City firm. Jane is in between cases when her longtime friend Francine asks for a favor: Will Jane help Francine's friend with her case against her ex-husband? At first, Jane is reluctant to agree - she doesn't normally get into cases involving divorce and child support. Eventually, she relents and takes on the case; however, what she hasn't bargained for is a difficult client, lies, deceits, and even murder. 

I liked Jane, the main character. She was tough as nails and good at her job. I admired the fact that she knew what she wanted in life and wouldn't let anything get in the way of that. Her POV was much the same as I would expect her to be in real-life: to the point and sticking to the facts. In addition to Jane, we're introduced to a plethora of other characters, such as her glamorous best friend, her terse ex-boyfriend, a TV reporter, etc.. While I did enjoy the addition of such a motley crew of individuals, sometimes I had a hard time of keeping everyone straight, which made some parts of this book difficult to get through. 

The plot of Weave a Murderous Web revolves around the Jane's child support and divorce case. It was easy to see from the start that this wasn't going to be a straightforward, easily closed kind of case. Instead, as the title predicted, comes a murderous web. The mystery wasn't the most suspenseful I've seen & was slightly slow to get off the ground and moving, but it was still fun to follow, especially towards the end. I enjoyed how Anne & Ken, though, incorporated some humor into a mostly series book - the scenes involving Jane's client always caused a few "I can't believe this woman's behavior!" kind of laughs. The one aspect I feel that the plot would have benefited from was character development. As I said before, there were a lot of characters in this one, and I feel as if there respective histories and desires/motives were fleshed out the plot would have been more fleshed out as well. 

While not my favorite mystery read of the the year, Weave A Murderous Web was still a book I easily flew through in one sitting. Additionally, I'm curious to read the sequels and see what Jane gets herself involved in next! 

Grade: B- 

Weave a Murderous Web is now out! 

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  1. This sounds like a solid mystery. I haven't heard of this one before but it does sound worthwhile. Great review!

  2. A pity about the lack of substantial character development, but this does seem like a really good mystery. I love the sound of Jane, and I'm glad there's some humour too.

    Brilliant review, Lauren :)

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words


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