Dedication by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

When Kate Hollis get a phone call in the middle of the night from her best friend, Laura, saying her Kate’s rockstar ex-boyfriend is back in town , Kate leaves her apartment in Virginia to go to Croton, Vermont. All Kate wants from seeing Jake is closure from their high school romance that was turned into number one hit songs. Kate wants to get on with her life without hearing those songs and thinking about the guy who left her in the blue right before prom to go to LA to get a recording contracting leaving not her ,but his best friends who helped him right all of his songs. When Kate arrives in Croton she goes to her parents house to wait for the perfect moment to make Jake Sharpe regret his entire existence. Though as she’s waiting the reader gets to see the past with Jake and the future with Jake leaving the reader to wonder what Kate will do: Get back with him in a spur of the moment or leave him letting him look like a jerk?

Dedication was a truly great book about closure and coming to age with forgiving and forgetting. Kate is truly believable of how she deals with Jake as the reader sees her waver though middle school to her thirties going back and forth between hating Jake for what he does to not only her but their friends and forgetting, going right back to him. Jake in the early years could be extremely likable but in the future he gets that rockstar life which changes him, which made me mad for doing what he did but then he would do something nice and thoughtful changing my mind about him and most importantly Katie’s. I thought this novel had a good ending that was bittersweet but just right for Katie’s life. The only problem I had with the Dedication was how it could lag at times making it boring but it would then pick up again which made me forgot the boring parts. I am truly looking forward to reading more by these talented authors.

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  1. this sounds interesting. good review.



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