The Pretty One by Cheryl Klam

Meghan Flecter is used to having her sister, Lucy, being “The Pretty One” who has boys droll over her and girls wanting to be her. Meghan is considered to be the ugly one with her buck, her too big for her face nose, and her round and plump shape. She is mostly fine with this because she has her funny best friend Simon and Lucy who is always supportive of her little sister.
On a the night of a school dance Meghan arrives with Simon planning to have a good time but that quickly goes wrong when she hears Lucy and Lucy’s friend talking about her in the bathroom. They were talking about how Meghan looks hideous in her dress and how she should braces along with a nose job. Even though Lucy had told her before they arrived that she looked nice. Meghan runs away from the school in tears and runs into incoming traffic which causes her to be hit.

Now a year latter Meghan looks completely different because of the surgery she had to get after the accident. Now with her new nose, perfect teeth, and size two shape she is barley recognized by her school mates, best friend, and her self. Her parents and sister think this is good thing because they this will make her more popular and well liked. Which turns out to be correct when Meghan sees that boys find her attractive and other girls who barely talked to her before acting like they where always friends. Meghan can’t understand why having a pretty face can make her different by having more people like her including her father. Though with the pretty face causes drama between her and best friends because Lucy is now not “The Pretty One” and Simon begins to want to be more than friends causing Meghan to be repulsed. Plus, now with the leading role in a student production created and starring her crush Drew, she starts to begin a relationship with him even though Lucy has a crush on him. Now with the drama unfolding Meghan wants more than anything to hide and go back to her old life and face.

The Pretty One was a cute story inspired by Cheryl Klam’s sister’s accident (you can read more about that on her MySpace Page). I thought this book was really good and real, I thought. Seeing how even though Meghan was now considered pretty it didn’t boost her to the top of the popular chart and how Meghan had boy troubles which a lot of girls face. The Pretty One was a sad story that was fast paced and lovable in its own way making me think anyone should read this awesome book. I can not wait to read more by Cheryl Klam.

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  1. i love this book i am just at page 44, but it is such a good book for all ages.


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