Guitar Girl by Sara Manning

When Molly Montgomery started a band with her friend, Jane and Tara, she just thought it was a way of hanging out and having a good time, thought this changes when the headstrong Dean joins the band with his quiet friend T. Dean only has one thing on his mind which is to get famous. As Dean and T start playing with Molly, Jane, and Tara they begin to get popular and better. So, when the glamours and ruthless Paul asks them if he can manage them and make then famous, they quickly agree. Now comes the up rise of The Hormones: with their witty lyrics and the pretty Molly and hot Dean they become well liked. Though with fame brings trouble, normally. So it’s no surprise when Jane spins out of control, Tara gets her feelings torn between T and Molly, and Molly begins to think she lost her self on way to fame. Which makes this a wild ride through the rings of fame and what comes along when you posses it.

Guitar Girl was an excellent story with the amusing characters, the plot that the author created with five people on there way to fame, and the funny but sad problems these characters create themselves. I read this story in one night because of the quick paced chapters and style the Sara Manning wrote in. Even though I enjoyed there was flaws such as how there was at least one spelling or grammar problem in each chapter, how Molly didn’t really get closure with anyone after she left the band, and how you never find out how lawsuit resulted. Though even with the problems I had I still want to read more by Sara Manning.

4.5/ 5


  1. I liked this one too. I'll definitely be checking out her other books. :)

  2. good to know it's good, i bought it recently. can't wait to get to read it! i just adore funny characters, actually, anything funny :)


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