Perfect You By Elizabeth Scott

Kate life has went down the drain faster than you can say Mississippi three times fast. It all started when her BFF turned into one of the popular girls, pretending Kate doesn’t even exist. Her dad got his so called calling to sell Perfect You vitamins (where title came from) which means she now has to work at the mall to help her dad out. Where Kate doesn’t even get paid to commit this social suicide!

Then enters Will the notorious flirt at Kate’s school. Will and Kate start to make out behind the storage sheds at the mall and even talk a little. From this event Kate has no clue of what to make of this means, because she can’t seem to figure out if he’s just playing her or actually likes her. Though as she begins to see, from hanging out at the mall with him and seeing how nervous he gets when he talks to her, that on the inside Will is more nice and normal than she thought.

Perfect You was such a cute and charming book which I loved. Will was a great add to the book since I think he lighted the mood of the story by adding an irresistible charm to the story. I thought that how Kate handle the situation of her dad quitting his job and losing her best friend was very real. The only problem I had was how Kate kept pushing Will away again and again even though he was perfect for her.

Overall Perfect You was a good light read that I would suggest you read to! I can’t wait to read more by Elizabeth Scott!


  1. I absolutely loved this book. I was so addicted that I was reading it at my community choir practice one night! haha.


  2. i'm gonna check this one out too. :)



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