When It Happens By Susane Colasanti

When It Happens with Sara and Toby’s beginning of senior year where they both come up with goals for their last year in High School. Sara’s are to get into NYU, her dream college, and to find real love. Toby’s are getting his band to win Battle of The Bands and to make Sara see him a new light that would make her fall in love with him.
Everything comes to a halt when Sara begins to go out with the all around popular guy Dave.
This happening makes Toby want Sara more. So, Toby and his Best friend come up with little things to do to get Sara to like him. Which, I thought that was a cute part of the story. I was so excited when Sara , finally, saw Toby in a new light which made her like him.
When It Happens was an extremely good read. I loved how Susane Colasanti switched POVs every other chapter letting the reader see what was happening in both of the characters minds. Though I thought Toby’s and Sara’s relationship was a little bit unbelievable since it seemed she going out with Dave and all or sudden she decides she wants to go out with Toby. I quickly changed my mind when I found out the real reason why Dave wanted to go out with Sara. Also, I liked how Toby and Sara got in little fights showing they where a real couple and not a fake and perfect one. Anyhow, I loved When It Happens and how it made me wish I had a boyfriend like Toby. So, I could have a relationship every girl envies. I can not wait to read more by this talentd auther.
I would suggest this book to just about anyone.


  1. I haven't read any of her books before though I've always thought the covers were cool. I'll have to pick this up soon. Great review. :)

  2. i'm going to check this one out. it sounds really good. and good review. :)


  3. hmm, i didn't really like this one that much. i liked colasanti's writing so i'm definitely going to check out her other books.


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