Cool Young Adult Related Information: Take 4!

Cool Young Adult Related Information is a feature I do occasionally in which I share different info that have been forwarded to me by bloggers, authors, publicists, exc. about different happenings in the YA world.


First off, Climbing Rose (The Publisher behind books such as The Stillburrow Crush by Linda Kage and When Mike Kissed Emma by Christine Marciniak) is dedicating thier blog to all things romantic this February. Including having a snazzy contest where you can win your own copy of The Stillburrow Crush if you send in your crush story. Here's the info, straight from the blog:

Want to be a part of our celebration? Send us your best crush story. Were you secretly in love with your best buddy? Dreamy-eyed over your swim coach? Seriously crushing on that foreign exchange student? Tell us about it! We'll be posting crush stories on the blog all this month and asking readers to vote on them. If your crush story gets the most votes you'll win your own copy of The Stillburrow Crush.
Just e-mail your story to blaizerose (dot) cr (at) gmail (dot) com. And don't worry if your crush is a secret, you don't have to mention any names :)
So, what are you waiting for, go send in your crush story. I may just send in one my own, even though I don't have any ones that are too spectacular. haha.


Jordan of Inside the Mind is looking to put together a Nicolas Sparks challenge. So if you would be interested in being part of it go comment on this post and tell her. Since, if she gets enough interest she'll start one up. :)


Also, have you seen the new trailer for Forget-Her-Nots which debuted yesterday? It's defnitly up to par in greatness compared to the book. :)


And that's it for this time!


  1. Thanks for mentioning us, Lauren! Hope you send in that crush story too :)

  2. Nice Trailer! And I would love to do a Nicolas Sparks challenge!

    You won an award on my blog


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