Quick Qs And As with Kristin Walker!

Kristin Walker is the debut author of an hilarious book titled A Match Made in High School.


Describe A Match Made in High School in three words.

Crazy Romantic Fun

Describe your main character Fiona in one sentence. Also, in what ways are you similar to her? Different?

She's a smart-mouthed loner who's not afraid to speak her mind, even though it often comes back to bite her. I'm a bit outspoken and smart-mouthed now, but I wasn't too much at Fiona's age. And yes, it does come back to bite me at times. I also share Fiona's fashion sense, which isn't good for anybody.

If A Match Made in High School had a theme song, what would it be?

"We're Going to Be Friends" by the White Stripes

Do you have a favorite scene or line from A Match Made in High School? If so, would you mind sharing a bit about it with us?

It's not necessarily my favorite, but I like the scene where Fiona and Todd first babysit Sam. It's the first time they drop their guard just a little bit in front of each other.

What was your favorite part of writing Match?

One of the best parts was when I thought of a great joke or comeback. It was such a luxury to take as much time as I needed to figure out the most scathing retort. Another favorite part was finishing that very first draft, when there's still a ton of work to do, but it seems surmountable now.

How did the title A Match Made in High School come to be?

The brilliant team at Razorbill thought of it. The original title was Marriage Ed., which really was just the document name of the manuscript on my hard drive. Lame, yes. I struggle with titles, obviously. We kicked some ideas back and forth and MATCH was the winner. I adore it. Although, I still love the suggestion of a friend of mine, David Wright, who offered: Right Beside My Ring Finger! That cracks me up every time.

What would have been your reaction to having to take a “Trying The Knot” class in high school like Fiona has to do at her high school?

I was such a dork, I'd probably would have enjoyed the damn thing. How sad is that? I'm pretty much a rule-follower by nature, although I wish I wasn't so much. I'm less now than when I was younger. I just never had that innate sense of when it was okay to break the rules.

Since I adore these type of stories, what was it like getting “the call”?

I'll never forget getting the call from my agent offering representation. It had been after such a long string of rejections, and her call was the first real validation of my work. She also delivered the call when I got the offer on the book, so now I have this Pavlovian reaction whenever I see 212 on the caller ID.

How does it feel to know that your book will be in bookstores soon?

Surreal. But I've made friends with so many great authors whose new books I've seen on the shelves many times. I think when I see mine up with theirs, it'll kind of feel like I made it into the club. Like I got to learn the secret handshake.

What is your typical day like?

Hit snooze alarm several times. Get up, feed kids, get them on the bus or to preschool. Then the gray hours where I may write, I may clean, I may do research, I may watch TV, I may go back to sleep, etc... Then make dinner, hang out with the fam for a while, and go to bed. Riveting!

What’s up next for you book-wise?

Hopefully, another YA for Razorbill. I'm also currently revising a middle grade paranormal.

What are three totally random facts about you?

1. I can sing the Canadian National Anthem, but not in French. Not yet. I'll work on it, okay? Zut alors.
2. When I lived in New Zealand for two years as a child, I saw the Queen of England's powder-blue pillbox hat as her motorcade passed by our elementary school.
3. I don't like sushi. I've tried it several times and tasted many varieties, but it all ended up in my napkin. I really want to like sushi, but I just don't..

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Just to say thank you, Lauren! This has been so much fun!
No, thank you, Kristin! :)
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  1. i can not wait to read this book!
    she seems like such a great author too. :)

  2. She is too funny. I can't wait to read this one!

  3. Oh my word! That so made me laugh out loud: "I also share Fiona's fashion sense, which isn't good for anybody." LOL.

    I, too, am a rule-follower! Although I do sometimes break the rules. (shh! don't tell anyone.)

    This was one of the best interviews I've read. She's hilarious, so I can only imagine that her book is even more so!


  4. This book sounds totally original and HILARIOUS. Great interview! I, too, love thinking of witty comebacks :D

  5. Hahaha I use to be able to sing the Canadian Anthem. I now only remember certain lines. Kind of bad, since I'm Canadian. In Elementary school we had to sing it every day, every morning, and after school.
    Nice interview. Fun to read!!

  6. haha, seeing the Queen of England's powder-blue pillbox hat is a lot more than I can claim. I would only be so lucky.;) Great interview!

  7. This one looks like it is going to be a riot - I love her sense of humor.

  8. Didn't know any of the characters name...I love the names Fiona and Todd!

    And her favorite scene sounds so cute! Can't wait to read this book.

  9. Awesome review! I also really liked the scene when they babysit. It was the first time I stopped thinking Todd was a total asshat.

  10. I love the idea of the older title Marriage Ed...but I also like this one! Great interview! I really enjoyed it!

  11. What a fun author interview! Thanks!

  12. I love the author's sense of humor! You also asked some really neat questions. Great job and I can't wait to read the book!

  13. nice interview. If they had a class like this in my high school I would have flipped out! I'm glad they didn't stick with the original title. This one is much better.

  14. Great interview! I would have loved to live in New Zealand as a child, what an adventure that must have been!

  15. I love the idea of "tying the knot" type classes. All we do is parenting here - I think this could be great! Fantastic premise!

  16. I've wanted to read Match for a while now and Walker seems funny and nice. Great interview! P.S. White Stripes rock!

  17. I'm very picky about my sushi. It's one of those things you feel like you should like. lol
    Great interview. Can't wait to read the book.

  18. Great interview. I will have to read this book so might as well add to my to buy list. Unless I am lucky enough to win..

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  19. What a fun interview, nice to meet Kristin here!

  20. Great interview! Nice theme song by the way :)

  21. Don't like sushi?! *scandalous gasp* lol and yay for Canadian national anthem! Good luck with learning the french one, it follows the exact same tune, just different words so theoretically it should be easy to pick up? 8D

  22. Loved the interview, and I don't like sushi either! :)

  23. Great Interview! She sounds like a cool person. I will have to follow her on twitter:)

  24. She sounds awesome. Her book must be pretty hilarious.
    I just can't believe the sushi comment though. Unless she's talking about the ones with raw fish because then I'd totally agree.
    I'm liking the sound of a middle grade paranormal. :)

  25. Thanks for the interview. And like her, I don't like sushi either!

  26. I enjoyed reading this interview. Very inspiring. I can't imagine taking care of a house, pre-schooler, and having time to write a novel. Looking forward to reading this!

  27. Ugh, I hate Sushi as well. It's disgusting, but everyone else I know loves it. Great interview!

  28. This book looks so cute, and gasp, she doesn't love sushi? I love sushi!! :) Now, I'm hungry.

  29. I love lead characters that are smart mouthed. I especially love it when the love interest is just as snarky. Great interview!!

    Erin :]

  30. hahaaha, what a great interview. she seems like someone I would be friends with because i'm kind of dorky too!

  31. Great interview! Funny how she doesn't like sushi...i love it!

  32. I love reading interviews, thanks for this! I'm not a sushi fan either :)

  33. I really like the title, it's cool. Great interview!


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