So I Kind of Got a Really Awesome Surprise in the Mail Yesterday...

Yesterday I had the pleasure of receiving a surprise package from a lovely publisher called Penguin (and creeping out the Fed Ex guy, but that's another story completely. All I can say is when you answer the door you should NEVER EVER wear the hideous blue robe your grandma got for you that is five sizes too big no matter how cold it is because it will in turn scare people. lol.)

Moving on, this was meet with the normal happy dance I do whenever I receive a package. And then when my excitement was drained, I opened the package and inside among two other books, which you'll be hearing more about on Sunday, was the most AMAZING thing ever:

But Lauren, you're probably saying if you've been a reader of my blog for a long time, you read and  reviewed that book last APRIL when it had a totally different cover and was supposed to come out on April 16; so why are you so excited about it?

Well, for that, I'll have to go back a bit. You see one day I was looking Penguin's Summer 2010 publishing catalog when I saw Plus with not only a new release date (August 2010!) but a new cover. And I was like, yay, it's finally being published! And then I glanced over section where it had quotes from reviews for it, and among ones from Kirkus and School Library Journal was one from my review from way back when. This in turn made me feel like a star! Though, it never crossed my mind that they would put my little quote on the new ARCs, until I saw this:

And then I freaked out and started jumping around since this is the first time I've know of that I've actually been quoted on an ARC!

So, yes that was my very awesome surprise of the week! And heres to hoping that maybe, just maybe, it'll end up on the final book in August. Though, I guess only time will tell. :)


  1. That's so cool! Congratulations!!!
    And that reminds me the pink old robe that I have is going in the trashcan! LOL

  2. That's so cool! I'd also be doing a happy dance and running around the house in excitement. :D

  3. So awesome Lauren! If it is on the finished copy in August, I'd buy just because you are on it! (well, I also want to read it too) :)

  4. Oh my goodness Lauren, that's amazing!!! Congrats :)

  5. wow, congratulations-that's amazing!

  6. Wow, would be ecstatic if I were you!Congrats girlie : D

  7. That's awesome! You must be so excited. Congrats!

  8. Haha well it was only destined for you to appear on a book quotation part.

  9. That's very awesome!! I got that book too (probably the same package as you, though I got 4 books in mine, including Plus) but didn't really look too closely at it since it didn't interest me as much as the others, lol.

  10. That's great. Congratulations. I also got 2 books I won today. Really awesome..

    Don't worry about answering the door bundled up. The UPS and FedX leave my pkg at door, ring door bell and run for their truck. LOL I really look horrid some times.

  11. Wow! Congrats ! My poor UPS guy never knows what I'll be wearing when I answer the door.

    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  12. That is so exciting! Congratulations. What power!


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