Waiting on Wednesday: Week 71

My pick this week is:

The Jumbee by Pamela Keyes

Seventeen-year-old Esti Legard spent her childhood in the Shakespearean world of her famous father, and when he died, she knew she could never give up acting. After she and her mother move to a Caribbean island for her senior year, she realizes that nothing at her new school's theater department is quite as it seems. Stunned by the death of a fellow student on her first day of class, Esti is soon surrounded by legends of the wicked jumbees that haunt the West Indies. She finds herself snubbed by the school’s star actress and relegated to a minor part in Romeo and Juliet.

Only her intriguing new friend, the elusive Alan, shares her passion for Shakespeare. Hiding in the dark recesses of the theater, he leads Esti deep into her own soul to explore the limits of her talent. When Esti's childhood best friend moves to the island and back into her life, however, Alan disappears. Rocked by growing accusations of befriending a jumbee, Esti realizes she must find out who – or what – Alan really is. She is soon forced to defy everyone and everything she’s ever believed in, as she plunges into the mysteries of Shakespeare and the legends of the West Indians, discovering shocking truths about her own past that will forever shape her future.

This sounds amazing and I can just tell by the cover and summary that this is going to be one of my favorite books of '10! Sadly enough, it dosen't come out till October. :(

The Jumbee will be out October 14, 2010.


  1. The cover is gorgeous. Great pick for a Wednesday.

  2. This one sounds really interesting!! The cover says "a modern phantom" is that Phantom of the Opera?? Sounds intriguing, thanks for sharing!!

  3. Good gosh! I want to meet whomever designed this cover.

  4. Oh wow this sounds really really good! The cover is amazing! Awesome pick Lauren! :)

  5. Hey Lauren! Just letting you know that you got an award!


  6. This looks fantastic! Certainly a Christmas present in waiting. xxx


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