Cool Young Adult Related Information: Take 5!

Cool Young Adult Related Information is a feature I do occasionally in which I share different info that have been forwarded to me by bloggers, authors, publicists, exc. about different happenings in the YA world. And since I have a couple of things to share, I decided to do a 5th eddition of this! :)


You've seen all the fun promotions for Runaway (Check out my contest for the first two books HERE!), but have you heard about the amazing Runaway Twitter Party that Meg Cabot and Thea and Ana of The Book Smugglers are throwing on Thursday, April 22, between 8:30 and 10:30 p.m. EST? Well if you haven't, the time is now to get all the info straight from Chelsy:
Join Runaway author Meg Cabot and Thea and Ana of The Book Smugglers for a Twitter party Thursday, April 22, between 8:30 and 10:30 p.m. EST!
  • Be sure to follow Meg@MegCabot , Point at @ThisIsPoint, and Thea and Ana @BookSmugglers before the party!
  •  Join the fun! No one expects you or your tweets to be perfect; we’re just happy you made it to the party!
  • Anyone who tweets during the party using #MegCabot is entered to win a limited edition Runaway t-shirt – featuring the winning design voted for by fans!
  •  Watch for questions from @BookSmugglers and win awesome prizes including an iPad, $50 Sephora gift cards or $25 VISA gift cards!
  • To join the party, you can use our official party tweetgrid or just search #MegCabot on Twitter.
  • Ask Meg questions or chat with other partygoers—just use the tag #MegCabot in all of your party tweets! (This is added automatically in TweetGrid.)
  • Please don’t post any spoilers and don’t forget to pay attention to the time zones, the party starts at 8:30pm EST.
I hope that all of you get the chance to attend! :)


Also, here's yet another reason why I wish I lived in NYC:
On Thursday, May 13th, best-selling author Jennifer Weiner will be speaking, answering questions, and signing books at BORDERS (10 Columbus Circle) at 7:00PM.
WHO: Best-selling author Jennifer Weiner
WHAT: Jennifer Weiner will be speaking, answering questions and signing books from her New York Times #1 bestselling novel - Best Friends Forever
WHERE: BORDERS # 592 – 10 Columbus Circle – NYC BORDERS Park Ave–461 Park Avenue at 57th street – NYC
WHEN: Thursday, May 13th at 7:00PM (Thanks to AA for the details!)
I loved this book (By the way, yes, I do realize this is an adult book, but it does have a teenish appeal to it because there's flashback scenes to the MC's teen years) so it would have been amazing to meet Jen. Maybe another time for me, but I hope all you lucky New Yorkers will get the chance to see her! :)


And if you're girl, Egmont is asking for you to enter there THE CINDERELLA SOCIETY "BE EXTRAORDINARY" SWEEPSTAKES! Here's all the info:
To celebrate the publication of THE CINDERELLA SOCIETY by Kay Cassidy, Egmont USA is launching today the “Be Extraordinary” sweepstakes, where young fans will have the chance to win a pair of designer shoes. Similar to THE CINDERELLA SOCIETY, a story about a secret society that encourages its members to be and do their very best, the “Be Extraordinary” sweepstakes aims to help promote girl empowerment and self-esteem.
“We loved and wanted to support the book’s inspirational storyline with a fun promotional campaign,” said Mary Albi, Marketing Director at Egmont USA. “The “Be Extraordinary” sweepstakes highlights and encompasses some of the book’s key themes. Besides, what girl doesn’t want a fabulous pair of shoes?!
Girls are invited to become a fan of The Cinderella Society Facebook fan page and post how they plan to be extraordinary for the day. By becoming a fan and posting a plan for being extraordinary, one will be automatically entered to win a pair of designer shoes. Two lucky winners will be selected randomly from the group on May 1st.

Ands that all for this CYARI!


  1. You keep reminding me that I need to read that Meg Cabot series! :)

  2. There's just something about pink and white book covers that I like.


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