My Favorite Books of 2010: Part 1!

In my opinion, one of the hardest parts of the year is picking my absolute favorite books I've read. I mean, I read a lot of books (Over 212 this year!) and almost every single one is fantastic in its own ways, but I've decided to do the impossible and post a list of my 20 favorite books of the year, along with a little snippet about each. They will be separated into two lists (the second part will be posted tomorrow) and are in no particular order.
Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce: Jackson Pearce proved to be an author to lookout for with her 09' debut As You Wish and in Sisters Red she's back and better than ever before. This book has romance, kick-butt main characters, amazing world building and a fantastic take on Little Red Riding Hood! Simply one of the best of the year!

Shadow Hills by Anastasia Hopcus: Let's admit it: There's a lot of paranormal books out there these days, and only very few are five-star material. Luckily, Shadow Hills is one of them. This book is intriguing, fun, and leaves you craving for more. My wish? Anastasia will have a chance to revisit these characters in the next year or so!

Mostly Good Girls by Lelia Sales: I like funny aspects in my books, and luckily enough for Lelia Sales, Mostly Good Girls definitely delivers on that! Furthermore, this book has one of the most realistic portrayals of teen friendship, as well as teen life in general, I've ever seen in a teen novel! Lelia, you NEED to write another book ASAP!

Harmonic Feedback by Tara Kelly: If Mostly Good Girls has one of the most realistic portrayals of teen friendship of the year, then this book has one of the most realistic portrayals of a girl living with Asperger’s. This is a debut that will have any reader laughing, smiling, and grabbing at a box of tissues with tears in their eyes by the end! Tara Kelly is simply an amazing author.

Fall For Anything by Courtney Summers: This list simply wouldn't be complete without the yearly Courtney Summers' book. Courtney Summers is one of my favorite authors in the world, and with Fall For Anything she reminds me once again why I fall in love with her characters and her writing time and time again. The emotions she especially makes me feel with this one left me emotionally drained at times! I can't wait to see what she comes up with next, and if you haven't tread a Summers' book yet, what are you waiting for?

Life, After by Sarah Darer Littman: Sarah Littman first caught my eye with her second novel Purge, and with Life, After, she's officially be added to my list of favorite authors, because with this novel she provides a heartbreaking, touching, and well-written tale of one girl facing the saddest parts of life- tragedies, terrorism, and coping, as well as the happiest parts of life- love, friendship, strength, and hope. Plus, it has one of my favorite lines ever! What is it, you may ask? Well, click on the link and go to my review to see. :)

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson: Amy and Roger's Epic Detour introduces not only one of the most memorable road-trip books I've read, but the lovely Morgan Matson as one author to be on the look out for. This book is the perfect mix of romance and finding yourself on one of the most epic detours of all time! Buy this book! I promise you won't regret it! :)

Grace by Elizabeth Scott: Grace is one of the most eye-opening and captivating books about life and death and what lies between each. If readers already didn't realize what a gem Elizabeth is to the YA literary world, they are sure to after this one.

Bitter Melon (Review not yet posted) by Cara Chow: With Bitter Melon Cara shows her unique and memorizing talent of spinning words in a way that you can't help but get entranced by them. Bitter Melon is an incredible, touching, and inspirational story of one girl's fight to become the person she wants to be rather then the one who mother wants her to become. Final Words: I can't wait to read more by Ms. Chow!

The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June by Robin Benway: Prior to reading this, I hadn't read any books by Ms. Benway, though I had been hearing for months how great of a writer she is. Luckily enough, The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June showed this and much more. This is a book of the magic that ties sister together; highly, highly recommended.

End of part one!

So, are any of the books listed above one of your favorites of 2010? Any you're looking forward to reading in the coming year? And what are some of you favorite books of 2010 that are listed above? Let me know in the comments, and come back to see part two tomorrow!


  1. Great list!! These are so hard to do! I loved Mostly Good Girls and Amy & Roger also!! Can't wait for part 2!!

  2. Wow, awesome list. I have not read any of these books, but they are on my list. :) Looking forward seeing what's on your list tomorrow. I really enjoyed: Infinity, The Dark Divine, Bloodline and of course Carrie Pilby by Caren Lissner! :)

  3. Awesome list! I haven't read some of these - my total book count was only 59, I think. SO GO YOU FOR HITTING 212 BOOKS!!

    Here are my picks for 2010:

  4. What an amazing list, Lauren! You read SO many books in 2010! Well done :)

  5. Great books! I also loved Grace, Amy and Roger's Epic Detour, Fall for Anything, Mostly Good Girls, Shadow Hills, and Sisters Red :)

  6. Wow... I haven't read any of these! They look cool though, especially Fall For Anything. I've been debating on reading that one for a little while, after seeing tons of excellent reviews.

    My list of the best books I read this year are here:

  7. I'm so stoked that Shadow Hills made your favorites list! Thanks, Lauren!

  8. I really enjoyed your list! I've added The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June on my wishlist ;)

  9. There are some great books here Lauren, and some I have but haven't yet read. I'm looking forward to them all now!

  10. Mostly Good Girls is definitely making my list this year too! :) Such an awesome book!

  11. Amy and Roger's Epic Detour made it to the list. Woot. Loved it! I want to do a detour now. Really really bad.


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