Blog Tour: The Book of the Night by Pearl North (Interview & Giveaway!)

Pearl North, author of the Libyrinth series, is here today to talk about the last book in the series, The Book of the Night, and thanks to the lovely people of TOR, I have THREE copies of The Book of the Night to giveaway. 

1. In your opinion, what are the top three reasons why readers should check out your Libyrinth series? 

1. It's not as messy as building a scale model of the Eiffel Tower with brownies. 
2. It's a book about books, and you like books. 
3. How else will you find out what happens to Po? And what about Clauda? Did she just disappear, or what? And will Haly ever come to terms with her unique ability? Wait, is that more than three reasons? 

2. With The Book of the Night, your popular Libyrinth series is ending, so can you share with us a little about the book and what we should expect? 

Sure. The Book of the Night wraps up all of the plot threads from the first two books, plus it reveals the true nature of the world in which the characters live. I've hinted throughout the series that all is not as it seems, and finally now, we get to find out what's really going on.

3. Do you have a favorite scene or line from The Book of the Night? If so, what is it? Please no spoilers, though. 

That's a tough one. How about this: The earth was to her as the sky to a bird or the sea to a fish. That doesn't give anything away, I don't think. :)

 4. One of the things that always draws my eye to the series is the wonderful covers…what are your thoughts on them? 

I love the cover art! It's by a French artist named Melanie Delon. While some authors have had problems with their publishers not wanting to put characters of color on their book covers, that was not at all the case with Tor. Haly is on the cover of Libyrinth and she looks just like she should. For each cover we chose a different character to focus on. Po, of course, being "The Boy from Ilysies" himself, is on the cover for the second book, and for the Book of the Night, we chose Selene, because of her pivotal role throughout the series and particularly at its conclusion. 

5. How does it feel to see the world of Libyrinth finally come to end? 

It's the end of an era. As such there's a little nostalgia, but also, quite a bit of relief. This is by far the most complex story I've ever told and I'm just so happy that I was able to complete it in a way I am satisfied with. I hope readers will be too. 

6. What is one of your favorite parts about being an author? Least? 

My most favorite part is when readers get in touch to say that something I wrote impacted their lives in a positive way. My least favorite is waiting for responses to submissions. It's agony! The only cure for it is to go write something else right away. 

7. What’s up next for you book wise? 

I like to write in a lot of different genres. At the moment I'm working on a science fiction romance for adult readers.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Pearl!

More about Pearl:
Pearl North is the author of a trilogy of YA science fiction novels: Libyrinth, The Boy From Ilysies (a Norton Award Finalist), and The Book of the Night. A firm believer in human decency, she loves writing and reading about characters that transcend the limits of who they think they are and what they think is possible. She mentors graduate students in Seton Hill University’s Writing Popular Fiction MFA program, and writes in other genres under different names. A native and life-long resident of the Detroit area, she has never lived more than two miles from Woodward Avenue in her life.
About Book of the Night:
The thrilling, magical conclusion of the Libyrinth trilogy

The world of the Libyrinth has experienced a series of wrenching changes. After the Libyrarians and their longtime foes the Singers discovered their common heritage, a young healer named Po found the Lion’s Bloom, an ancient and enormously powerful artifact capable of rewriting reality.

Behind the mysteries of their shrouded past has always been the legendary Book of the Night. Sought for generations, both feared and revered, it is the key to this world of wonders. When vain, grasping Queen Thela steals the Lion’s Bloom and imperils the very reality of the world, only the Book can heal what she has rent asunder. An epic journey through strange lands, a perilous encounter in a clockwork city, and the revelation of the truth beyond reality will lead those who find the Book to a moment when their world will either be saved...or cease to exist.

Told with the grace and skill that only Pearl North can bring to the tale, The Book of the Night is a breathtaking adventure that will linger in the memory long after the final page is turned.
THE BOOK OF THE NIGHT (IndieBound / Amazon / B&N / BooksAMillion / Powells) is now out!

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  1. The Book of The Night sounds like a winner. I'd love to read it.

  2. Sounds really good. I can't wait to read this book. Thanks for having the giveaway.



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