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Summary/Cover Image from Goodreads:
Twenty-five year old Charlotte “Charlie” Barrow is caught between her old life and the one she is beginning to build when she crosses paths with a handsome stranger on the subway. Not looking for romance, she closes her heart off to the possibilities of love. With a knack for mishaps, Charlie maintains her sense of humor while befriending the kind stranger who seems to be there at all the right times.

New York freelance writer, Charlie Adams, is forging his own path beyond the expectations of the society circles of his childhood. Rejecting family money, and fast-lane friends, he is snubbed by his family as he follows his own compass to a life more extraordinary.

Through a coincidence of events, they come to rely on each other for comfort. This is the tale of two Charlies learning to trust again while fighting their fates to create their own destiny.

Ever since I first heard about Naturally, Charlie via Goodreads, I've been dying to read it. My main book love is for Young Adult, but I do enjoy the occasional adult/contemporary chick lit read. Plus, it didn't hurt that this one took place in one of my favorite cities ever: New York City! Thankfully, Naturally, Charlie was a sweet, quirky read that I thoroughly enjoyed!

Naturally, Charlie tells the story of the life of two different Charlies. The female Charlie hasn't been having the best of luck lately. First of all, when she finally thought she got over her broken heart and moved on, something tragic just had to come by and shake it all up again. Plus, it doesn't help that the first guy she's liked in months has been taken by one of her best friends. I really liked Charlie from the start. I enjoyed how seemingly normal and average she was...she didn't have any hidden superpowers or amazing talents. Instead, she was just ordinary and going through each day, hoping to find her place in the world. Plus, I enjoyed how easily S.L. made her feelings and emotions come to life. I could honestly feel Charlies pain and sadness as well as happiness throughout the book, and really, it did a lot to make this book even better. Now on to the male Charlie. This Charlie has been trying to escape from his family's name and money ever since he got cut off a few years past, and everything has been going pretty great: he's made some incredible friends, landed an amazing job he loves, and is living pretty well for a "struggling writer." However, there's one thing he hasn't found: love. But with Charlie, he hopes this will finally be found. The male Charlie was another character I liked from the start. He was adorable and sweet, and I loved how chivalrousness he was towards Charlie. He honestly cared about her, and it was so adorable seeing him try to change her mind about love and happiness.

Together, these two main characters and their budding romance made up the plot of this book, and honestly,  even though I pretty much figured out what was going to happen from the get-go, it was still a thrilling and exciting read, as I saw what exactly happened to lead them to "happily ever after." And truthfully, sometimes, I secretly wondered if that really was going to be achieved. Anther aspect I enjoyed were the secondary characters. Some were evil. Some were nice. But even so, they all managed to add something special to the book.

The only thing that brought this one down a notch or two in my eyes was the writing. S.L. did a good job of creating the plot and characters...don't get me wrong. However, I felt that sometimes everything was a little stilted and told more than showed. Plus, I didn't always like how in less than three paragraphs she would cover around a day.

Even with that, Naturally, Charlie is still a heartwarming book that I enjoyed and highly suggest to fans of the chick lit/ light romance genres!

Grade: B

Naturally, Charlie (Amazon/ BN/ Goodreads) is now out!

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