Giveaway and Teaser for Sirens by Janet Fox!

Thanks to Blue Ship Media and Janet Fox, I have an exclusive teaser for Sirens, Janet's newest book, AND an exciting giveaway! So without a further ado...

The Video Teaser:

The Giveaway:

To go with the Roaring Twenties setting for her book, Janet Fox is giving away some fun swag and an ARC of SIRENS! Winners will receive one of the following accessories: a feather flapper-style headband, a feather hair clip, or a long string of faux pearls together with a bookmark, a postcard, and an ARC. Prizes will be picked at random--U.S. and Canada addresses only.

And you must be 13 years or older to enter! 

To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

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More about Sirens:
When Jo Winter’s parents send her off to live with her rich cousin on the glittering island of Manhattan, it’s to find a husband and forget about her brother Teddy’s death. But all that glitters is not gold,. Caught up in the swirl of her cousin’s bobbed-hair set—and the men that court them—Jo soon realizes that the talk of marriage never stops, and behind the seemingly boundless gains are illicit business endeavors, gangsters, and their molls. Jo would much rather spend time the handsome but quiet Charles, a waiter at the Algonquin Hotel, than drape herself over a bootlegger. But when she befriends a moll to one of the most powerful men in town, Jo begins to uncover secrets—secrets that threaten an empire and could secure Jo’s freedom from her family. Can her newfound power buy her love? Or will it to ruin Jo, and everyone around her?
A review will be posted in November! So be sure to keep checking back! :)


  1. The Roaring Twenties is always a joy to read about. It was a really interesting time in our history.

  2. Because my aunt used to go to speakeasys! She was the oldest in my mother's family of twelve kids. I want also want to learn about that era!

  3. I've always loved and been interested in everything about the early 1900's. From the fashion, the beauty, to the stars, the movies, the cars, the politics, basically the whole culture of it it's self. I just can't get enough of it! With that said, I can't wait until this come's out! It looks like a great read! ^-~

  4. Sounds fantastic! Thanks for the giveaway Lauren!

  5. Sounds like a really good book. I would love to read it.

  6. I love anything set in the 1920s so I'm definitely looking forward to reading this one.

  7. Janet writes great books. Plus the 1920s is a fun time period.

  8. Considering my family/ancestors weren't even in America during the twenties, I'm really out of touch with it all!

  9. ANYTHING to do with the roaring 20s in reading!

  10. I want to read Sirens because it's set in one of the time periods that I know the least about. There haven't been many YA novels about the Roaring Twenties.

  11. I would like to read this book, because the 20's sound like a fun time to have lived through. I really like the cover. Thanks for having this giveaway.


  12. I like the time setting for this novel. The story looks good!



  13. I'd like to read it because it sounds good.


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