Privileged by Zoey Dean

Meghan Smith is up to her head in debt because of going to Yale. She thought that she could pay it all of when she got a glamours job in a magazine like Rolling Stone. Though, a year latter Meghan is working at the trashy tabloid Scoop where she just writes the captions for articles and is living with her best friend in a dumpy apartment. The only good thing going for her is her boyfriend but even that has some bad to it.

Her luck begins to turn for the worse yet again after a bad proposal for a story gets her fired. Though, she soon gets offered to tutor the next Nicky and Paris Hilton in Palm Beach. Meghan quickly accepts the job because she is offered around 5,000 per week and the best thing of all: if Meghan gets the girls accepted to Duke their grandmother will pay off all of her college debut. Little does she know that working with Sage and Rose Baker could provide a bigger task then expected.

( formally titled How To Teach Filthy Rich Girls) was a pretty decent chick lit book. It provided humours situations, romance, and a little bit of mystery, in all a coming of age story. I liked how Zoey Dean showed Sage and Rose as more than just poor little rich girls, but as real people with problems they had to deal with everyday. Also, Meghan's character had me laughing out loud at her sarcastic and witty behavior throughout the book. In this book Zoey Dean shows that she can write in genre's other than young adult and make them even better. I loved Privileged and can't wait to see what Zoey writes next for adults.

4/ 5 stars

* reviewed for Book Divas


  1. I just bought this book yesterday. Hopefully, I'll like it as well!

  2. Have you seen the series on the CW?


  3. Yeah, I have. I didn't really enjoy it that much though. I thought they took away the good parts and added a boring/ typical story line. I would rather watch Gossip Girl or 90210. Though, I loved the book a lot!

  4. I like the show, but I must agree that Gossip Girl is better.I got Privileged for Christmas,but I haven't started reading it yet; I'm currently reading Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter. Once I'm done, I'll start reading it. This is a cool blog!
    (I'm bookworm, so it's cool to meet other bookworms like me!)


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