In My Mailbox: Week 30

For Review:

Secret Society by Tom Dolby ( ARC/ Harper Collins/ September 2009)

Do you ever wonder how some people have it so easy? The best schools, the hottest parties, the priciest clothes, the easiest jobs?

Maybe it’s not because they work hard or get a lucky break every once in a while.

Maybe it’s because they’re part of a secret club. A secret society.

Phoebe and Nick and Lauren didn’t ask to be society members. They already had it pretty good at New York’s exclusive Chadwick Prep. But after they heard—were assured—of success and ease beyond belief, they say yes to everything. Even to the harrowing initiation ceremony in a gritty warehouse downtown. And the ankh-shaped tattoo they’re forced to get on the nape of their necks.

The instant they become members, everything falls into place. Nick gets a club gig. Lauren’s jewelry designs are a hit. Phoebe has her own gallery show. It’s all perfect—until a body is found in Central Park. With no distinguishing marks...except for an ankh-shaped tattoo.

You can read my review of this here.

Intertwined by Gena Showalter ( ARC/ Harlequin Teen/ September 2009)

There’s something about the new guy at Crossroads High . . .

Most sixteen-year-olds have friends. Aden Stone has four human souls living inside him:

One can time-travel.
One can raise the dead.
One can tell the future.
And one can possess another human.

With no other family and a life spent in and out of institutions, Aden and the souls have become friends. But now, they’re causing him all kinds of trouble.

Like, he’ll blink and suddenly he’s a younger Aden, reliving the past. One wrong move, and he’ll change the future. Or, he’ll walk past a total stranger and know how and when she’s going to die.

He’s so over it. All he wants is peace.

And then he meets a girl who quiets the voices. Well, for as long as he’s with her. Why? Mary Ann Gray is his total opposite. He’s a loner; she has friends. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks; she tries to make everyone happy. And while he attracts the paranormal, she repels it. For her sake, he should stay away. But it’s too late. . .

Somehow, they share an inexplicable bond of friendship. A bond about to be tested by a werewolf shape-shifter who wants Mary Ann for his own and a vampire princess Aden can’t resist. Two romances, both forbidden. . . doomed. Still, the four will enter a dark underworld of intrigue and danger. . . but not everyone will come out alive. . .

This looks fantastic. Plus, the guy on the cover is kind of cute. lol

Troy High by Shana Norris ( ARC/Amulet Books/ August 2009)

Homer's Iliad, the classic tale of love and revenge, is shrewdly retold for teens in Troy High.

Narrated by Cassie, a shy outsider who fears that an epic high school rivalry is about to go up in flames, the story follows the Trojans and Spartans as they declare war on the football field. After the beautiful Elena- who used to be the captain of the Spartan cheerleaders- transfers to Troy High and falls madly in love with Cassie's brother Perry, the Spartans vow that the annual homecoming game will never be forgotten.

The Trojans and Spartans pull wicked pranks on each other as homecoming approaches. And the Spartans' wildcard football star, Ackley, promises to take down the Trojans' offensive line. But the stakes are raised when Cassie is forced to choose between the boy she loves (a Spartan) and the loyalty to her family and school.

I can't wait to read this!

If You Live Like Me by Lori Webber ( Paperback/ Lobster Press/ April 2009)

A city girl’s concept of “home” is turned upside down when her father’s anthropology research relocates them to St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Before her plane even touches down in Newfoundland, Cheryl is already plotting her escape. She knows life on “the rock” will be no better than it was in the other places she’s been forced to live ever since her parents launched their cross-Canada tour. The unwilling spectator of her father’s morbid fascination with “dying cultures,” Cheryl has seen more than her fair share of towns so depressing they could haunt your dreams. His need to study the defunct fishing industry in St. John’s is Cheryl’s breaking point – this city girl is more determined than ever to get back to the concrete, the buzz, and the bright lights of Montreal.

Will Cheryl’s cold, goth exterior and her refusal to embrace a new life cut her off from those who love her? Lori Weber once again proves herself to be a masterful storyteller, this time challenging the idea of home, and what holds families and communities together. If You Live Like Me explores the bonds that form in strange and unexpected ways, and shows how letting go can lead to the strongest connections of all.

This looks like it's going to be good!


Waiting For You by Susane Colasanti

Friendly and popular
Style: Cali surfer boy
Awesome at flirting
Future career: landscape architect
Boyfriend potential: high

Shy but sweet
Style: totally geeked out
Only talks to girls when absolutely necessary
Future career: robotics engineer
Boyfriend potential: none

Derek is clearly the boy Marisa's been waiting for, but there's just one problem. He has a girlfriend. Nash is wrong for Marisa, but he wants to take care of her. As if life wasn't complicated enough, Marisa's also dealing with overcoming a major problem from her past, a family that's falling apart, and a best friend who won't stop talking to sketchy guys online. Only the anonymous DJ, who has the school's ear with his underground podcasts, seems to get what Marisa's going through. But she has no idea who he is - or does she?

Oooh, I LOVED this novel!! Plus, this copy of it is signed by Susane which is so cool.

I think I shall say I had a pretty good week. Agreed? lol


  1. wow awesome books this week. Waiting For You is amazing and the others look really good too!

  2. Wow, all of these look amazing! Very jealous of Secret Society though :-)

  3. Ok, If You Live Like Me looks interesting - and yes, mainly because I'm Canadian and I get all pathetically excited when I see something about Canada. Ha!

    Happy reading!!

  4. Looks like you had a great week! Hope you enjoy reading them all!

  5. Awe, you got Troy High and Intertwined! Lucky!! I hope you enjoy them, can't wait for the reviews. =D

  6. All of those sound so amazing. I really want to read Troy High and Secret Society. Happy reading! =]

  7. I am waiting patiently on my copy of Troy High! I can't wait to read it! Looking forward to your review!

  8. I'll have to keep my eye out for If You Live Like Me. Happy reading!

  9. Awesome week! I've never heard of If You Live Like Me, but it sounds like something I'd love. Enjoy!


  10. Ooh Secret Society and Troy High both sound so good!

  11. Absolutely a great week! You lucky girl :)

  12. Waiting for You is really good! I received Intertwined and Secret Society too...I can't wait to read them. Enjoy!

  13. Troy High & Secret Society both look really great!

  14. OMG I want your mailbox! Troy High looks amazing, you are so lucky you scored a copy! Secret Society also looks amazing, I really want to read that one when it comes out!

  15. awesome book week! i really want troy high! happy reading!

  16. Oo You got Intertwined!! Lucky--! I've been wanting that one. Great Haul this week! Happy Reading!

  17. You got Secret Society.. lucky! :) Happy reading!

  18. Great books, Intertwined sounds like such a great book. Enjoy.

  19. I thought Harper Collins quit the first look program? How do you still get ARCs? I used to forever, but they stopped it...or so i thought.

  20. Oh what an amazing selection of books! I hope you enjoy reading all of them! ^_^

  21. Can I steal you mailbox? lolz.
    Awesome week!!! Waiting For You is really good, and all the rest are books on my tbr pile :)

  22. I agree, you had such a great week. I love If You Live Like Me, gorgeous cover!

  23. Cassandra: I get Harper Collins ARCs from different publicists for review specifically on my site. I hope that clears that up a litte.


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