Quick Qs and As with Stacy Jay and CONTEST!

Stacey Jay is the author of several books for Young Adults including Megan Berry, Zombie Settler series which I adore, and the fourthcoming My So Called Undeath (2010) and The Locket (2011).


Can you describe your newest novel Undead Much? in four words?

Secrets. Romance. Mystery. Zombies!

Are you similar to Megan in any ways?

Megan and I both have the tendency to over-think every little decision. I'm bad about that now, but I was even worse in high school. I'd become paralyzed by thinking about all the possible outcomes of one choice versus another and be unable to choose at all. It was awful! Lol.

What’s your favorite aspect about writing the Megan Berry, Zombie Settler series?

I love the over-the-top zombie fight scenes. I love how brave Megan is becoming. I love evil fr-enemy, Monica, and romantic hero, Ethan. I just love these characters. I hope I get to write the third book soon!

Do you have a favorite scene or line in Undead Much? If so, would you mind sharing with us a bit about it?

The truth was squirming around in my brain, like some horrible worm set on devouring my happy past.

This line sums up a major plot line in Undead Much? There are a lot of secrets in this book that--when they come to light--change Megan's view of herself and her life forever. (And this sentence is so gross it makes my brain twitch a little. I'm proud of that!)

How did the title Undead Much? come to be?

It came to me while I was writing the first book. This is the only title that I've ever come up with that's actually ended up on a book. Usually, my publishers come up with something much more clever, but this time they liked "Undead Much?".

I love the covers for Undead Much? and You Are So Undead to Me which leaves me to wonder what it was like seeing them both for the first time

Thanks so much! I love them too. I was so thrilled with the first one and even more in love with the second. The art production team at Razorbill is amazing. I feel so lucky to have them working on my books!

How does it feel knowing your books are in stores?

Trippy. Scary. Humbling. Thrilling.

What’s one of most interesting comments you have received about your books?

I love getting emails from people named Megan Berry who can't believe my character has the same name. It makes me laugh every time. So far, I've received about six of those. There are a LOT of Megan Berrys out there.

What’s your favorite thing about being an author? Least?

I live for the drafting and revising process. I love being alone with my characters and getting them into so much trouble I'm not sure if I'll ever get them out of it again. That's the best part of being an author for me, the actual writing.

I'm not such a huge fan of promotion. It's hard to put yourself out there when you're basically an introvert. I can put on the extrovert persona now and then, but I prefer to be behind the scenes. That's why acting, my first career, was ultimately such a poor fit. I loved pretending, but I wasn't so in love with everyone watching me do it, lol.

What part of the writing process is the most challenging for you? Easiest?

It can be hard for me to compromise when it comes to an idea I'm really excited about. The book I'm working on now, THE LOCKET, was originally a very gory, horror-inspired story, but my editor wanted something more eerie and romantic. It was hard to re-imagine a plot I was so psyched about, but I'm glad I did. I think THE LOCKET is going to be a very intense, romantic read because of the compromises I made.

The easiest part is dreaming up new things. I love shiny, new ideas! I have so many stories I want to write at the moment. I wish I didn't need to sleep.

What’s your typical day like?

Up at 6 a.m. getting 5 ready for Kindergarten. Then Baby and I come home and do breakfast and email--if he's in the mood to let me mess with the computer--and then hit the gym. Once we get home we do lunch and playtime and then he goes down for nap and I write like a madwoman for two hours. Then it's snack time and off to pick up brother and the rest of the day is a blur of baths and homework and more feeding and cleaning up and playing. I get most of my work done on the two afternoons my baby is at Mother's Day Out and on weekend mornings when my husband watches the kids while I go to the library. Being a stay at home mom is a full time job and so is writing so...it can be hard to smash it all in there, but I do my best. I really love both of my jobs.

What’s up next for you book-wise? Also, are there going to be anymore Megan Berry, Zombie Settler books? Since, I personally would love some more!

Aw, thanks. I would LOVE to write more Megan books. I have at least one more story extensively outlined, but I won't know whether I get to write that book or others until sales of UNDEAD MUCH? are calculated in a few months. If the sales are as strong as the first book, I'll get to write more. It's up to the fans to show Razorbill they want more Megan Berry books! (And more Ethan. I know you guys. Ethan is the subject of most of my reader email, lol.)

Right now I'm working on the stand alone novel that I mentioned earlier, THE LOCKET. It's a love story about a girl, two boys, and a very scary piece of jewelry that messes with the fabric of time. It's very romantic. I think fans of Megan and Ethan's love story will enjoy it. It will be out in early 2011.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy UNDEAD MUCH?


Thanks Stacey! I can't read to more of there novels.

Now, on to the contest! Stacey has offered to giveaway an "Undead Much?" tote bag with some original Megan Berry inspired artwork by artist, April McGuire! If you would like to enter, leave a comment for Stacey on this post and then fill out the following form. This is open to the US only and will run until  Feb. 2nd!


  1. I haven't read undead much but I'm looking for a new zombie book-so maybe I'll go buy it.

    And Stacy, I loved how you said that you came up with the title undead much?-I thought it was very interesting. And how you said you originally wanted to be an actress but didn't like performing in front of others-i was the same way.

    Great interview! And can't wait until The Locket comes out!

  2. Great interview.

    Stacy, if you were a supernatural/paranormal creature, which would it be? A Zombie?

    Elie N

  3. Thanks for the interview and the contest. I can't wait to read this book!

  4. Not that keen on zombies but maybe this book would change my mind! :) Maybe it's just the scary, half dead creatures that have traumatised me when i was little!

    Many thanks for hosting this interview! I learned a lot from the author

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    van p.

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    Julie S.

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    Julie S.

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