Waiting On Wednesday (62)

My pick this week is:

Kiss It by Erin Downing ( June 15, 2010)



Chastity, aka Chaz, is a high school senior who cannot wait to flee her closed-minded, constricting small town. One night at the beginning of winter break when a stranger enters the restaurant where Chaz works, she is instantly taken with him—and his sexy body. Sebastian is staying with his dad for the holidays, and over the course of the break, from helping her cope with an unexpected crisis at home and a friend’s accidental pregnancy to sending her virginity to a point of no return, Sebastian changes Chaz’s life forever. Intelligent and entertaining, Kiss It is a tribute to the unexpected thrills of regular life.
I'm not a huge fan of the cover, but the premise sounds interesting enough. Plus, it's a PAPERBACK release! So I'll actually be able to buy it. :)


  1. This sounds quite fun actually, I love light hearted books, they always make me feel all giggly!

  2. Sounds nice. I have to say that the cover looks like something for tweens. :)

  3. Sounds cute! I too love paperback releases. They save me so much money.

  4. This has the most adorable cover ever. The premise sounds sweet too.

  5. I also read about this one on P. Snark.. sounds great!

  6. I agree with the cover, not my favorite. But the summary sounds good.

  7. I haven't seen this one yet! Sounds good. :)

  8. Sounds interesting!! The cover is adorable and cute :)


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