The Snowflake by Jamie Carie

Summary/Cover Image from Publisher's Website:
Christmas 1897. Ellen Pierce and her brother are determined to reach the Alaska gold rush. But when ice stalls their steamship, all seems lost, until Buck Lewis makes a decision: he'll lead all who dare to follow on foot toward Dawson City.

Buck is determined to leave behind a heartbreaking past. No amount of ice or weather will stop him. But he never counted on a woman joining a dangerous wilderness trek--or on falling in love with her.

As their journey unfolds and Christmas approaches, Ellen and Buck discover that the greatest gift of all can't be wrapped in paper and tied with a bow. It comes from, and is received in, the heart.

Come share in a soul-deep romance that gives a joyful reminder of a redeeming God who makes us each unique, yet loves us all the same.


The Snowflake is just like the cover suggests- a cute, hopeful, and quick read perfect for the holiday season.

The Snowflake tells the tale of Ellen Pierce and Buck Lewis, two people who haven't been truly happy in a long time. For Ellen, she has to deal with her patronizing, ill-mannered brother day in and day out because of a promise Ellen made her mother before she died. Buck is still dealing with the results of his wife's death a few months prior. Thrown together on boat destined for the Alaska gold rush, Buck and Ellen meet and sparks fly, that is until Ellen's brother gets in the way. Though, after a tragedy that leaves them deep in the Alaska wilderness occurs, Ellen, Buck, and everyone else on board is depending on each other to survive the trek to the next town. Will they make it alive? Better yet will Ellen and Buck get the happy endings they deserve? Only time and more pages will tell in this deeply romantic read!

While The Snowflake is considered to be a novella, it never once felt that Jamie skimped on character and plot development. She actually had just the right amount to the reader fully invested in Buck and Ellen's story from the get-go.

And talking about those two, they had to be one of my favorite parts of the story. Ellen was a girl who may have appeared weak on the surface was truly a brave person deep down. I mean, she was the only woman and one of the only people in the story who made it hiking across Alaskan outback alive. That takes guts. Buck was a strong guy with a leader type peresona, though he was still a sweet-heart deep down. And when you mixed the two of them together, they were an adorable couple. I also loved the add-on of Ellen's friend Kate as well because the sceanes of them together always added a touch of humor to this mostly serious story.

While the main plot of this was predictable, it still held my interest the whole time. I found the part of the story that took place in nature to be extremely good because I was always amazed to see how one person could manage to make it through those type of harsh conditions alive.

Furthermore, Jamie's writing was always up to par, making this one story that could easily be finished in a few hours.

In all, The Snowflake is a great read, one I would suggest to readers out there looking for a book to put them in the holiday mood.

Grade: B+

The Snowflake is now out!

Source: Tolly at PR By the Book


  1. I love books that will put me in the mood for Christmas. And it looks so cute. Great to hear that the author put a lot of thought in to the characters and made them realistic. Always good to hear! Great review.

  2. This is the kind of book that reminds you to keep believing in fate and hope. Sounds like a great read. Thanks!


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