Movie Review: Trust Fund

To learn more about Love was Near, the book inspired by Trust Fund, click here. There's a review, giveaway, and excerpt! 

About Trust Fund:
The wealth of the Donahue family proves money is no solution to personal and family problems. Each of the characters are struggling for the same thing, but going about achieving it in very different ways, they each are looking for love. The younger sister, Reese, is a free spirit on a quest for self-discovery. Audrey, the older sister, is a perfectionist, and rivals for her father’s attention through her achievements. Both girls use their father in their own way to get what they want. The father is long-suffering in the antics of his children, but knows neither one of them are ready for the responsibility that a large sum of money requires, determined that they will become the people that he and their mother knew they could be.

Compelled to follow her heart, Reese leaves the safety of her family behind, willing to risk all that she has for the dream of what could be.

When all that Reese had hoped for comes crashing down around her and she realizes that she has made a terrible mistake. She runs back to her father to ask for forgiveness. His grace and acceptance are more than she expected, but Audrey is confused by her father’s willingness to forget all that her sister has done.

As Reese is no longer chasing after what she thinks is her destiny, she’s able to see what has been waiting for her all the time.
Movie Review: 

Confession time: movies aren't always my thing. However, when I got the amazing opportunity to watch Trust Fund and read Love was Near, the book inspired by the movie, I couldn't resist. Both sounded amazing, and I loved that they had to do with the publishing world - Reese was an aspiring author while Reese's family was deeply rooted into the world of publishing. As it turns out, I really came to love this movie, and I enjoyed the tie-in opportunities the book provided, as you can read about in my book review

Reese was a complicated character. At the start of the movie, she was incredibly lost. She didn't know where her place was in the world. She wanted to be a writer but she didn't want to do so on her family's dime nor did she want to end up working at the family company like her sister. Reese was impulsive, adventurous, and passionate. While she wasn't always the best friend, sister, or daughter, it was easy to see she tried her hardest to be. At first I didn't like Reese all that much. I didn't like how she treated her family nor how she was so willing to give up such a great opportunity at her family's company. However, as the movie progressed, I began to like Reese more and more. She was one of those characters who needed to learn from her mistakes, and boy, did she make a ton of mistakes in this movie but also learn from them. By the end of the movie, I loved how much her character had developed and grown. I was incredibly proud. 

In addition to Resse an assortment of other characters were introduced. I didn't like Milo. I got bad guy vibes from him from the get-go; however, he did introduced some twists, turns, and conflict to the movie, which I enjoyed. It was interesting to see his relationship with Reese bloom and die and then repeat that process. I also came to love Reese's family. Her dad was such a great guy, and while sometimes I wished he would be harder on Reese, it was easy to see he was letting his love for her steer his actions. Reese's sister was a tough cookie, and while at first I didn't like her that much either, she began to loosen up and humanize as the movie progressed. 

In addition to the characters, I LOVED the settings in Trust Fund. The movie took place in Chicago and Italy. I loved the serenity and calmness of Italy. It was easy to see why Reese liked it so much there. I also enjoyed the bustle and big city vibes Chicago had. I especially enjoyed the scenes taking place at the publishing house. They truly managed to help flesh out those portions of the movie. 

In all, Trust Fund is a great romantic coming-of-age  movie. It's slightly slow in the beginning but by the end it's well worth the journey. 


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Writer/director: Sandra L. Martin 
 Producer: Isaac Alongi

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Movie Trailer: 

TF OFFICAL TRAILER 2016 - Theatrical 2min from isaac alongi on Vimeo.


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My Favorite Stills: 

Reese shares an emotional moment with her father 
Reese gets her perfect night finally 
Reese and Milo in Italy 
Reese works on her writing 
Source: Movie Screener provided by publicist - thanks Amy!

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