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I’m not crazy. My mother may have died with everyone believing she was insane, but I refuse to accept that as my fate. Even if I am recalling memories about a life I never lived. A life that includes the mysterious James—a guy I’ve only just met, but feel as if I’ve known all my life. The memories are coming hard and fast, and I’m falling down a rabbit hole with consequences that far exceed anything I could have ever imagined. And now, someone is trying to kill me.

Someone from my past who knows about my visions and is looking for something he believes I took from him. All I have to do is figure out how these memories relate to the present and maybe I’ll survive to live another day.


The first aspect that made me desperately want to read Amy Murray's Drift? The cover! There's just something about it that's so utterly eye-catching. I think it's the blue on white aspect. Then I read the summery and I was officially sold. 

The verdict? I found Drift to be an enjoyable read! I loved the combination of time travel, mystery, and romance.  

Drift introduces Abigail, a young college student hoping and praying that she doesn't end up like her dearly departed mother. 

From the first page, I found Abigail's voice to be incredibly readable. It was easy to get lost in her story and more importantly, connect and relate to her. My heart ached over Abigail's tumultuous relationship with her mother. I thought Amy Murray did a great job of handling the mental illness aspect of it as well as making it easy to understand that while Abigail did love her mother she also slightly disappointed that she could never have the regular, normal mother daughter relationship. It's something that I feel that everyone would feel to a point in Abigail's shoes, because no matter how hard you understand why everything is the way it is you still have that small craving for normalcy. What I loved most about Abigail, however, was her unwavering determination to question everything that was going on around her. Abigail isn't the type of character who gets involved in a situation she knows nothing about; instead, she tries to look at all sides of it and get to the bottom of who the good guy and/or choice actually is. She's a strong cookie, and while at times she did make a seemingly "bad" choice, she always managed to learn her lesson and rebuild. 

The plot in Drift was interesting. I found the premise to be unique, as Amy managed to take the typical time travel/reincarnation story line and make it her own through the concept of "drifting." In Drift, drifting is the ability to drift back to a pass life time. Sometimes it only takes you back to one small segment of the past, but sometimes it builds upon a story...the only problem? It's easy to get stuck in this type of trance. It's probably a given to say that this made the story not only fast paced but  intriguing, as it was a constant guessing game to try to figure out what was exactly happening in Abigail's drift and what it in turn revealed about current times. 

Abigail's drifting also brought with it a love interest in James, a newcomer in Abigail's life and a reoccurring person in her drifts. James was a character I had a hard time with. One part of me did like him. He was good to Abigail, but I just couldn't connect to him nor could I really say I came to love him. He was just kind of there, and unfortunately, because of that, the romance was brought down a few notches in my eyes. I think it's also what made me "like" Drift rather than "love" it. 

Even with that slight problem, I still recommend Drift to lovers of romance with a time traveling twist. While I didn't personally connect with the romance here many others have so don't let me detour you in that regard! 

Grade: B

Drift is now out!

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About Amy Muarry: 
Amy Murray graduated from the University of Houston with a B.S. in Psychology. She is a CrossFit addict, proud Harry Potter enthusiast, and obsessed with modern quilting. She and her family live in Cypress, Texas. 

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  1. This sounds like an interesting take on the average time travel book. Sounds like a decent read.


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