Review: The Prince of Korin by Melody J. Bremen

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Prince Endomer of Korin is not a hero. Nor does he want to be one.

He spends his days in the royal library, poring over old manuscripts, studying archaic languages and playing chess. He’s never been like Krollis, his fearless twin brother, who is an expert swordsman and hunts wild beasts in the forests.

When an army of vizzens, the fearsome old enemy of Korin, attacks from the east and Krollis disappears, Endomer is left in charge of the country. He struggles to find a way to save his people while his soldiers are dying and his citizens are forced to flee. As he fights to gain the respect of the palace court, he discovers a threat coming from within the palace walls. There is no one he can trust.

He isn’t only fighting for his country – he’s fighting for his life.

Fans of Megan Whalen Turner and Jennifer A. Nielsen will enjoy this story of political intrigue and betrayal.

The Prince of Korin isn't my usual type of book, and to be honest, I was slightly worried about starting it. As it turns out, I'm incredibly glad I did! Melody J. Bremen has crafted a fantastic story within its pages - one full of adventure, intrigue, and sabotage. 

The Price of Korin begins just days before Prince Endomer's fifteenth birthday. Prince Endomer is dreading his birthday because this year everyone will discover who will be the next king - Endomer or his twin brother Krollis. Unlike most would be in his position, Prince Endomer is hoping and praying that it won't be him - he's not fit to rule a kingdom. He'd much rather be in the court's library reading a book than developing war strategy. However, everything changes when treason and deceit rocks the palace walls. Suddenly, Prince Endomer is in charge while his brother is nowhere to be found. Prince Endomer doesn't know who to trust or what to do, but he knows he has to save the kingdom... 

When the story first begins, Prince Endomer is smart, bookish, and quick witted. He's someone who would much rather sit in and read a book then go out on an adventure, especially if the said adventure involves swords and other weapons. From the first page, I adored him. I could easily relate to his love of books, and I admired his ample knowledge, especially when he used it to assist his father and/or kingdom. It was also easy to see how much Endomer didn't want to be king, and I felt for him. If I was in his position, I wouldn't want to be either - it's a lot of stress and pressure. However, when he is thrown into the position, he rocks it albeit a fews set backs. He shows the kingdom, and, more importantly, himself that he can be strong and fearless, and I loved this transition. What I loved even more, though, that it wasn't a complete change - Endomer still loved his books and his quiet world but he was willing to embark on some adventures if it meant saving his world. 

The world building in The Prince of Korin was fantastic! It was so easy to fully immerse myself into Edomer's world. Due to Melody's lush descriptions, I often felt as if I was right there with Edomer in the castle or on the battlefield, and I just loved that aspect. It made the book really stand out to me. 

The plot in this is also great! At its heart, it's a coming of age filled with adventure and action. There wasn't a time in which I wasn't dying to know what would happen next AND rooting for Edomer to save the day. I especially liked that Melody incorporated the supernatural through the enemy in this. It was incredibly interesting. 

In all, The Prince of Korin proves that you should have always take chances on books, because you never know what may happen. In this case, I was introduced to a great new author and a spellbinding YA fantasy!  

Grade: B+ 

The Prince of Korin is now out! 

Source: eBook provided by author - thanks Melody! 

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