Review: The Billionaire's Forever Family by Cate Cameron

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When Cassie Frost reaches out to the biological father of the niece she’s raising, she doesn’t expect him to send in the lawyers. Emily is all the family Cassie has left, and she’ll do whatever it takes to keep her niece. But as the owner of a struggling dinner going up against a billionaire, the odds aren’t in Cassie’s favor.

When billionaire Will Connelly learns he has a daughter, he’s determined to have a place in her life—even if that means going head-to-head with her proud, stubborn, and irresistible aunt. It’s clear they both want what’s best for Emily, but Will’s not used to being told he’s wrong, and Cassie doesn’t seem to have a problem letting him know whenever she thinks he’s messing up.

Will’s sure they can have it all, even if Cassie is determined to stand on her own two feet instead of being swept off them.

Confession time: I love, love, love Entangled's Billionaire romances. It's gotten to the point that as soon as I see the words 'Entangled' and 'Billionaire,' I instantly add the book to my TBR, no questions asked. It's worked out quite well for me, as they have yet to let me down. Thankfully, Cate Cameron's The Billionaire's Forever Family has kept that trend going strong. Equal parts sweet as well as sexy, The Billionaire's Forever Family is a book that easily worked its way into my heart. 

There's many aspects that I loved about The Billionaire's Forever Family, but I have to say my ultimate favorite was the emphasis on family! The bonds between Emily and Cassie as well as Emily and will and eventually Emily, Cassie, and Will warmed my heart and brought plenty of happy tears. I loved that Cate showed that "family" can take on so many different meanings. Better yet, she showed the ups and downs that those relationships can bring, especially when it comes to letting pride get in the way of happiness. 

Tying into this, I adored the main characters. 

Cassie is strong, determined and feisty. It broke my heart that she had to give up so much to provide a loving home to her niece, but at the same time, it warmed my heart to see the kindness and protection she was willing to offer. Throughout the book, Cassie is torn over a big decision. She's drowning in hospital bills, her roof is leaking, and her business is barely breaking even, but in the form of Will she's given the easy way out: a surplus of money. Casey struggles with this solution - yes, it would be easy, but is she willing to let this man, one she barely knows, in and loose her pride and self respect in the process? I really liked that Cate Cameron included this struggle in Casey's story. It added zest and realness to Casey's character, and I especially liked that she wasn't someone who'd just take the easy way out and run. 

Like Casey, Will was incredibly lovable; however, I will admit that at first he made me want to rip my hair out with his actions. I mean, seriously, who thinks it's a good idea to send a group of lawyers into a tough situation when you could just do the "right" thing and go yourself. As the book continues, though, it's easy to see that overall Will is a stand-up guy. He's kind and warm and he even wants this make-shift form of a family; however, he struggles with using money as his solution to everything. 

Together Casey and Will are a fantastic couple. The banter was strong and the chemistry even stronger. Throughout the book, I was rooting for them (well, mostly Casey) to get off their high horses and see that love was there. As hinted to above, I loved the ups and downs they faced. It made their relationship all the stronger, and better yet, it added some delicious tension to the mix. 

In all, The Billionaire's Forever Family has become a forever favorite in my eyes. It's adorable, sweet, and romantic - the perfect weekend read. 

Grade: B+ 

Source: eARC provided by publicist - thanks Rikki! 

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  1. I love that you LOVE these books! Always fun to read a gushing review. :)

  2. This series sounds like it just gets better and better! Great review!

  3. I wonder when everything switched from millionaire to billionaire? This does sound like a nice read even if the Hero made you want to pull your hair out at first.


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