Three (+ Giveaway!)

Why three?

Because, as of today, that's how many years I've been blogging! Can you believe it? Because I certainly cannot!

Just like the year one and year two, this one has been filled with amazingness. From the books, to the publishing people, to my blogger friends, to my readers, to everything and everyone in between, this blogging year has been nothing short of incredible. Sure, this year had its drama and setbacks, but as always, the warmth and brilliance of the blogging community never ceases to inspire as well as amaze me every day. 

So here's to another fantastic year! I can only hope you'll stick around to see what's in store. :)

And thank you to all the people who continue to leave comments, click that pesky little "follower" button, and visit every once in all. I always say I would blog even without all the support and feedback, but your thoughtful comments and support always make the experience even better. 

Lastly, since I personally feel this day calls for celebration. I always have a few books to giveaway in an.... INTERNATIONAL giveaway! 

What books can you win?

I have the following up for grabs:

One Winner Will Win:

~ An ARC of The Beginning of After by Jennifer Castle (An amazing book!) 
~ An ARC of Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs (Mermaids, Romance, and Drama galore! What more could you ask for?)
~ A finished copy of Amanda Grace's But I Love Him (Heartbreakingly sad but still a beautiful and important read regardless!)

Another One Will Win:

~ An ARC of Deb Caletti's Stay (One of Deb's best books!) 
~ An ARC of Elizabeth Scott's Between Here and Forever (Who doesn't love Elizabeth Scott?!) 
~ An ARC of Amanda Ashby's Fairy Bad Day (Slaying, monsters, and strong main characters!)

Exciting, right?! And I promise I'll get the books out quickly once I pick the winners... 

Official Giveaway Rules:

~ Must fill out form to enter.
~ Must be 13 years or older to enter.
~ This giveaway will close on June 9, 2011 at 11:59 PM EST!

This giveaway is now over. The winners are Jessy and Alicia. Thanks to all that entered! :)


  1. hi, thanks for the opportunity :)

  2. Congratulations on three years! Quite an accomplishment. Here's to three more!

  3. Three years! Congratulations (I didn't realize you had been blogging for that long).My blog will be three too...well in October it will be. :)

    Here's to another great year of blogging. ^_^

    The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

  4. Congrats!! & Thanks for the giveaway :)

  5. Yay! Happy 3rd Blogoversary :D Thanks for the giveaway as well!

  6. 3 years is a long way! I hope to be with you for the next 3 and many more! :D Happy Blogoversary! Thanks so much for the giveaway as well!

  7. Congrats on your blogoversary - 3 years is impressive! Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

  8. Congrats on an amazing 3 years! Thanks for the amazing giveaway :)

  9. Congratulations on 3 years. Tore923@aol.com

  10. Congratulations!!
    And thanks a lot for this amazing giveaway ^^

  11. Congrats on a wonderful three years of blogging! :)


  12. Congrats, Lauren! What a wonderful achievement :) Keep up the good work!

  13. Thank you for the giveaway.....and going international!

  14. Congratulations on blogging for 3 years! Hope you have a good 4th year

  15. Congratulations and thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Congratulations! :D And thank you for the international giveaway! :)

  17. The books all sound really great! Thanks for the chance to win them.


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