You Just Can't Get Enough: A Gosip Girl Novel created by Cecily von Ziegesar


After a whirlwind first week on the Upper East Side, the Carlyles have made their mark on Manhattan's Golden Mile. Owen is new BFFs with Rhys Sterling, but what will happen when they both fall for the same girl? Baby stole resident it girl Jack Laurent's boyfriend...and then Avery stole Jack's popularity. Now Jack is on the warpath, and she wants nothing more than to send the Carlyle girls packing their Louis Vuitton trunks. Is the UES big enough for all their drama?
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Out of The A-List, The Clique, and The It Girl series, the Gossip Girl series is my favorite one. Gossip Girl books are trashy, light reads that are my escape from series books that have the kind of messages that parents would approve of.

You Just Can't Get Enough is the second book in the Gossip Girl spin of series, The Carlyles. In the first book you where introduced to the main characters. Baby: the sweet one who does who own thing, Owen: the playboy, Avery: the girl who just wants to be accepted into this Elite world, Rhys: the sensitive and nice one, and Jack: the queen of UES who most of the time can be complete bitch, though most of the time she just using this cover as hiding from the vulnerable person she is on the inside. This probably sounds like the original series with characters with different name, but in truth this new characters stand on their own in how they are and the problems they have.

In You Just Can't Get Enough you get to know the characters better and get wrapped up in their glamours lives once again. The plot could be a bit unoriginal at times, but made the book go smoothly most of the times. The characters got some more substance, I have to say, this time around. Such as, Jack, finally admitting to her friends that she was poor not worrying anymore what they would say. Though, this good thing quickly got turned around when she used it to get Avery kicked out of her group.

Overall, You Just Can't Get Enough was a quick and fun read that I truly enjoyed. Even though this series gets a bit repative at times, I 'll probably be getting the next book in the series, Take A Chance On Me, next May. So, I can see what happens next in the Upper East Side world.

Grade: B


  1. Gahh. I want to read these books.

  2. I need to get this one. But the library doesn't have it yet!


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