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I'm excited to be part of the blog tour today for Christi Barth’s Bad For Her! Check out my review and a giveaway below!

Title: Bad For Her
Author: Christi Barth
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 3rd

About the Book:
USA Today bestselling author Christi Barth launches a sexy new series about three bad-boy brothers in Witness Protection who are about to learn that going good is harder than they thought… Doctor Mollie Vickers loves the tight-knit community of her tiny Oregon town. But she’s not a fan of the limited dating options. Sleep with a guy who tried to copy off her in junior high? Pass. Mollie’s sex life is flatlining… until a deliciously handsome man she’s never seen before stops to help her fix a flat tire. As an ex-mobster, Rafe Maguire’s no saint. But he’s trying to turn over a new leaf. Although he probably shouldn’t kiss the hot doctor on the side of the highway. Or suggest a no-strings fling with a woman he has no business pursuing. Rafe’s life is too complicated for love—his new WITSEC-provided identity doesn’t fit him at all and there’s a U.S. Marshal watching his every move. He can’t tell Mollie the truth… but their chemistry is scorching and being good doesn’t mean he can’t be a little bad. Mollie can’t resist the guy who looks rough, talks tough, and is loyal to the bone. But it’s obvious Rafe is keeping secrets. When the truth comes out, Mollie must decide if she could ever love an ex-mobster… or if this bad boy has truly gone good.


Romance books are becoming my go-to reads. Therefore, when I heard about Christi Barth's Bad For Her, the first book in her new A Bad Boy Gone Good series, I instantly added it to my TBR pile. I mean, a romance involving bad boys in witness protection landing in a small town? What's NOT to love about that? Answer: NOTHING! 

The Result? Romantic, suspenseful, and heartwarming, Bad For Her was a strong opening to a new series - one that I will MOST DEFINITELY be following all the way through! 

Bad for Her is told in the alternating POVs of Mollie Vickers and Rafe Maguire, the classic good girl and bad boy, respectively. Mollie is book smart, too sweet for her own good, and strong willed. I found her easy to like and relate to. I especially loved how Christi Barth made Mollie's family such an important part to her character, as it gave yet another relatable quality and quite few laughs due to her cousin and grandmother's crazy antics. Rafe, on the other hand, is dark and mysterious; however, as most bad boys found in books go, he has a heart of gold. Like Mollie, I was happy to see family play such an important part in his life. The bond between him and his brothers was unbreakable, no matter how many tough words were thrown around. 

Bringing Rafe and Mollie together, a super hot romance was delivered. Let me tell you the chemistry between them was smoking hot. It was also easy to feel a "true" connection between them. That connection made their respective characters not only more developed but the story as well. 

In addition to romance, Bad For Her also focuses on letting loose and overcoming past challenges. For Mollie, that meant learning to accept her sad past, and for Rafe, that meant learning to love a new life, no matter how much he missed his days in Chicago. I loved seeing both of these characters begin to thrive and smile as the book progressed. Better yet, I enjoyed seeing Rafe give back to the community be it helping Mollie's troubled cousin or saving the town from their own "bad guys"! 

In all, Bad For Her is perfect for the romance fan! It's one of those books you can't help but smile at the whole way through! Better yet, this isn't the last of the bad boys - Rafe's middle brother gets his own story in 2018! And I, for one, will be the first in line to buy it! 

Grade: A- 

Bad For Her is now out! 

Source: eARC provided by publisher - thanks HarperCollins! 

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About the Author:

Christi Barth earned a Masters degree in vocal performance and embarked upon a career on the stage. A love of romance then drew her to wedding planning. Ultimately she succumbed to her lifelong love of books and now writes award-winning contemporary romance, including the Naked Men and Aisle Bound series. Christi can always be found whipping up gourmet meals (for fun, honest!) or with her nose in a book. She lives in Maryland with the best husband in the world.

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  1. I don't read a ton of romance, but who doesn't love a bad boy? Sounds like there was more to the story than just the romance, too!

  2. This sounds like a great book that would be exciting.


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