Review: A Little Friendly Advice by Siobhan Vivian

All Ruby wants is to celebrate her 16th birthday with her mom and friends and get to use her new camera. Ruby didn’t want her dad to show up out of the blue or for him to actually think she would talk to him after leaving her mom and her.

Ruby’s friends- her best friend, Beth, who has been there through the best and worst of times, the boy loving Maria who always has the latest gossip and party invites, and the newcomer Katherine who is going through problems Ruby went through when her parents separated- all have different advice to give to Ruby about dealing with her father. Though Maria and Katherine think she should have closure with her father, Beth thinks she should not see him again because of all the pain her best friend suffered from before. As, Ruby goes through this eventful week of life she begins to maybe even the people who her care for her the most would give her bad advice.

A Little Friendly Advice by Siobhan Vivian was an awesome book. Ruby’s problem with her dad was a very believable thing that most divorced kids have with their separated parents. Siobhan gave each character a very descriptive feeling that was realistic. Also, she gave a good story of initially good advice going askew and be able to see if that maybe a little friendly advice may be wrong. I loved A Little Friendly Advice, though it could drag on once in a while. Siobhan Vivian is a writer that I’m looking forward to read more of her story’s.

I would suggest this book to people who like Sarah Dessen’s because Siobhan Vivian book reminded me a little of Sarah Dessen and to people who just want to read a good book.

Grade: B+

A Little Friendly Advice (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads) is now out!

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  1. Sounds great, I'll check it out. And I LOVE the cover. :)


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